Saint Augustine, Florida, home of the world renown Fountain of Youth is also home of the World's Oldest and most famous fountain - The Fountain of Baloney™. Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site.

 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.
 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."
Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.
Baloney is the strongest political force on the planet.

About "Truth or Baloney™"...

or Baloney™
is a new vehicle (scroll down for examples below) for stimulating political thinking and conversation. It will focus on naming the names of the Xtrevilist sociopaths in our midsts, their shills, and their intentional lies and Lies of Omission. It will also give you an opportunity to sound off and be heard.

Inners and Outers — we are not talking belly buttons here...

A major result of the corporate hijacking of America is that the corporate sociopaths now
have control of almost all media. They use that media to lie to us with baloneyspeak and tell us that they are responsive to our wishes, while in reality they ignore the concerns of we the people. This allows them to steal us all blind, intentionally eliminate us, and still say that we the people have free speech. That is also a lie. If any citizens do use their 'free speech' to dispute and organize peaceful demonstrations against the corporate gangsters now in control of government, they sick their goon squad swat team cops on us. Most people now realize that cops in America work for the pay check of their corporate masters and not for the rest of us. Most people in America also realize that we now have a two tier scam 'Rule of Law' that is selectively enforced by these sell out cops and that people on the bottom have severely limited access, or no access at all, to that scam 'Rule of Law'. Most people in America realize too that  the electoral process is a scam used only to validate and legitimize the sociopaths corruption.

Because these corruptions have increased
incrementally over time, the realizations of the corruption by the public have also increased incrementally over time. As the hijacking of our government has grown more enormous in size, more and more of us have opted out in disgust and boycotted the farce voting process. This incremental hijacking of government is the driving force in the formation of a new political boycott block in America. The Outers!

The Outers are the fed up people in America who recognize the farce of our hijacked government and see clearly how they have been disenfranchised. They now form a majority boycott the vote block of roughly 43% of Americans and they are rapidly understanding how they have been deceived and waking up to their real power.
Contrast that huge block of Outer boycott voters with the relatively small group of still brainwashed Inner voters — the 29% that elected Obama — and you will see the trend and where the real power is! You will also understand why the Ferguson protests are now national. The corporate oppression, rooted in Xtrevilism, is not limited to color. It affects all of us regardless of color, gender, sexual persuasion, religion, etc.

The Inners, of course, are those who are still fearfully on their knees voting and have not yet figured out that  they are being used to validate and legitimize
with their good names the crooked  — hijacked by corporatism — government.

Truth or Baloney™ is for those who are tired of being intentionally ignored by these poser, nose in the air elite. Tired of being bored silly with their phony corporate pomp and contrived ceremony. Tired of being lied to and propagandized.

The intent is to provide a voice for the fed up ever growing majority of Outers. The constantly ignored American people who now solidly boycott the electoral process. The first two post cards below address local issues in Saint Augustine, Florida (issues that NONE of the local candidates had the courage to address in the recent mid term elections). But the lessons are universal — especially so because Saint Augustine, which bills itself as the "Nation's Oldest City", has a rich and diverse history of bullying, genocide, tyranny, and oppression (that the powers that be are currently working overtime to erase with a massive propaganda campaign). As such the city stands as a case study for communities all over the world.

The first format of the Truth or Baloney™ concept will be heavy weight, high visual impact, glossy post cards (6" by 8.5"- see below examples) that you can mail anonymously or, sign your real name to if your having a brave feeling day and you would like to get up off of your knees. They will sell for three dollars each and include postage so as to be mail ready. They are a great way to vent as you can check mark either the Truth or Baloney box found on each post card. Send them as a message to; politicians, corporate slugs, parasitic bankers, law wealth enforcement, sell out government regulators, etc.

A cartoon strip, videos, and plays are in the works. The post cards will soon be added to the Fountain of Baloney™ store, pre-orders are welcome. Enjoy and spread the love, together we can take back our governments and make a better world!
Warren Celli

Regarding this first Truth or Baloney™ post card directly below;

As one who believes that the system is corrupt beyond redemption, and that the only way to resolve the problem is to work outside of the system to rewrite the Constitution for a system of Messenger Direct Democracy rather than the farce Representative Democracy that has been so easily co-opted by bully gangsters and failed us all, I am miffed that  Florida Justice Peggy Quince has agreed to swear in a local City Commissioner in Saint Augustine.

This debate of working within the system, or dissing the system and working outside of it for positive change (being an immoral brainwashed Inner or a more moral fed up Outer) is a matter I have discussed many times now in the court of public opinion. As such it provides an "unanswered question" that judges and their staffs should remain absolutely neutral about. To swear in an official "elected" in a system that many believe corrupt shows prejudice against people like myself, and others, who hold a similar opposing view point, to make change from without. Judges are required by law to observe a rule of silence before opinions are issued so that they will not be forced to step down from hearing future cases because of prejudice.

This reason of course, for Florida Justice Peggy Quince not participating in this charade, pales in comparison to the evils described on the card. Nevertheless, it might be worthy of discussion by all of you minority folks who still vote and who are so full of hope-ium and change-ium.

All the while that these Unconstitutional arrests and the harassment (described in the post card below) of Greg Travous, the homeless, street artists, musicians, and CIVIL RIGHTS advocates was/still is going on, and with all of its many Unconstitutional laws still on the books, the City of Saint Augustine gangster government was planning and building Civil Rights monuments for the plaza. Can we all say GROSS HYPOCRISY here! Baloneyspeak revisionist history is in vogue now as part of the city's 450th anniversary celebration. They are even trying to convince people that slaves were never sold in the downtown slave market.

Just as they shun you, it is time for you to now shun these arrogant bully losers.

Keep your eye on this page, Bubba, Betty, and Bobby Baloney, are really pissed and they are working on a new Truth or Baloney™ Right now!


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Juan Pantsa too Long the discoverer of Florida at the world famous fountain

Should we really have a sister city in Democracy Repressive Spain?
Where are the believers in the 'system' on this one?
Why the silence?
Why no resolutions? Why no sanctions? Why no boycotts?
Maybe West Augustine should be our sister city.

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