Saint Augustine, Florida, home of the world renown Fountain of Youth is also home of the World's Oldest and most famous fountain - The Fountain of Baloney™. Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site.

 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.
 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."
Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.


A new beginning — Direct Democracy...
If you want respect from bullies you have to incentivise them...

This is a logo designed for the residents of the city of Saint Augustine, Florida. It is meant to be used by all residents of the city in a peaceful and proactive campaign to consolidate and amplify the true voice of the people so as to regain control of their hijacked government and city.

SITUATION ASSESSMENT... With the on going genocide of the street artists, musicians, homeless, and FREE SPEECH and CIVIL RIGHTS activists in the downtown area of Saint Augustine almost complete, the arrogant and selfish Tourist Factory gangsters that have hijacked our government now turn the focus of their voraciously greedy appetites to bickering with each other and the increased pillaging of the residents.

Gangster tourism wants it all.

They want to have their cake and eat it too.

They want the down town residents to not only provide the visually attractive appeal of their interesting and historic homes as a lure for bringing the tourists here, but they also want these very same residents to endure the steady stream of quality of life diminishing abuses caused by running their three to six million customers (not visitors) through the resident neighborhoods on an exhausting 24/7 basis. And to top all of that off, these arrogant gangster tourist industry welfare queens want we residents to fund their elite greed with OUR resident tax dollars (if you are a renter resident in the area your high rent is a function of the taxes on the property you reside in). Residents living in the highest abuse area, directly on the downtown Tourist Factory floor, should be paying no taxes, and in fact, as an overregulated integral part of the Tourist Factory physical plant, they should be paid for the quality of life diminishing coerced confiscatory use of their property.

Enough is enough! It is well past time for a massive push back!

THE SYSTEM IS NOW TOTALLY NON RESPONSIVE TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE... But how? What are we to do? The contrived and deceptive shop worn 'normal' channels for positive balancing change are ineffective and serve only to maintain the status quo of the bully gangsters. Voting, the visioning committee, the candidates forum, and the fragmented and divisive neighborhood associations (set up by Tourist Factory merchants in the first place) have all been co-opted and stand now as feel good scams designed to deflect and dissipate our energies and make us believe we have a dog in the hunt when in reality we do not. Petitions and letter writing campaigns have no effect. Over fifteen years ago 78% of the Saint Augustine community wanted the street artists and entertainers to remain in Saint Augustine, and in spite of; massive petitions, letter writing campaigns, and hat in hand direct requests to our 'Rule of Law' usurping gangster city officials, they illegally and immorally ignored the will of the people and gave the street artists, entertainers, and PRO CIVIL RIGHTS activists the boot with intentionally and willfully crafted unconstitutional laws and selective and illegal enforcement.

Nothing has changed. Recent petitions for justice for Michelle O'Connell have fallen on similarly unresponsive deaf ears. Over 150,000 petitions were signed seeking justice for Michelle O'Connell and what happened? In response, the totally insensitive sell out scum bag Saint John's County Commissioners voted to give their corporate rich man's butt sucking immoral traitorous sheriff, DAVID BERNARD SHOAR, almost one million dollars to acquire land for a training center. And in a follow up slap in the face by Florida Law Wealth Enforcement, SHERIFF DAVID BERNARD SHOAR was just elected President of the FLORIDA SHERIFF's ASSOCIATION for the second time. Talk about insensitive blow hard bullies sucking up to the corporate police state Corporate Homeland Security, farce. You would have to be brain dead to not see that at all levels of government now we have a co-opted two tier selectively enforced scam 'Rule of Law', pussy soft on corporate crime but ruthlessly harsh on ordinary citizens! A scam 'Rule of Law'owned and controlled by Xtrevilist corporate bullies. You would also have to be brain dead to not see the top down Federal imposition of a police state on all of us. A police state funded with now out of control printing of fiat money (money debt that we and our children's children will be on the hook for for years to come), paid to these traitorous sell out politicians and their suck up goon squad cops. Every penny accepted represents enslavement to the centralized corporate hijacked Federal Government and a loss of local control. Out of control SWAT teams, created and justified by the phony 'war on drugs', and equally phony and contrived 'war on terror' are a disgrace to America and the ideals of freedom and opportunity we hold so high. Corporate propaganda cop TV shows, now on every channel, are designed to; glorify, validate, and legitimize, gross illegal and immoral behavior by law wealth enforcement;  glorify, validate, and legitimize, the state alcohol and tobacco drug cartel that the cops really work for; and to serve as apologist pap for the kick down your door militarization mentality of American police forces and their gross abuse of the Constitution and the elimination of competition and opportunity of ordinary citizens.

Yes! The entire cop barrel (like the entire media and politicians barrels) is rotten and reeks of cowardly 'I am in it for the pay check' immorality. You can no longer say that it is just 'a few bad apples'.

Tools of Oppression... On a global level there are five main tools that the wealthy elite use to keep us all enslaved, they are;

1. The Noble Lie.
2. Control of the electoral process.
3. Control of the media.
4. The corporate structure (a traitorous secessionist structure that creates giants that we are unable to compete with).
5. Control of the Federal Reserve Banks and other global central banks (finance).

Using these primary tools of deception they have co-opted governments around the globe, consolidated all media into one powerful voice, and used that power to create rolling financial pump and dump bubble chaos that results in asset cheapening and intentionally divisive austerity programs where the wealthy elite buy up the intentionally cheapened assets and public commons for pennies on the dollar and similarly renege on past labor and retirement contracts. Through a trickle down process the gangsters in Saint Augustine have used similar machinations to gain control. Understanding this cannibalistic co-option dynamic  is necessary to understanding why our government, at all levels now, is non responsive to the will of the people. It is also essential to understanding that the macro (external) corruptions must be considered along with the local corruptions when formulating remedial plans in order to create positive change.

The question then becomes; do you continue to work within the co-opted system or outside of that system? The answer is you go with your heart. And if you do go with your heart you will realize that the first thing that we all need is a voice. A voice that speaks out loudly, clearly, and honestly, and reveals what has deceptively shaped us into our present immoral belief system that makes us so readily accept piggish wealth, corporate values instead of family values, intentionally instilled divisiveness and the adoration and normalization of evil and torture. A voice that states clearly and honestly what our real resident (not Tourist Factory merchant resident) concerns and needs are. A voice independent of the co-opted corporate media voice. A moral voice of sanity that seeks to create fair and sustainable low community impact business models to replace the elite gangster grossly high community impact tourism.

We can develop that voice together, right here, and right now.

To develop that voice we must shun the powers that be, their sell out mendacious media, and their sell out malevolent muscle Law Wealth Enforcement. Shunning those corrupt entities will provide the time to instead discuss and state clearly and succinctly our grievances and remedies, combine them into one larger voice, and promote them in all venues available to us. Hand outs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, public speaking, one on one conversations, flash mobbing, etc.; all must be peacefully utilized to expose these price fixing gangsters for what they really are and to ask others to boycott their corrupt businesses. Shunning will also send a very strong message to the gangster bullies, especially when you shun their businesses and the ka-ching of their cash registers falls silent.

A Problem Solution Approach...

The reason that there have been no positive changes made is that the powers that be have no incentive to change. You can participate in the co-opted voting, the visioning committees, the candidates forums, the fragmented and divisive neighborhood associations, and sign petitions until the cows come home and it will have no effect. The gangsters love it when you do. It validates and legitimizes their corrupt system and their immorally usurped power and they feel no pain. You even pay for it with your tax dollars. What a neat deception! What a sucker you are!

You have to hurt the bullies in the same place they have hurt and screwed you. In the pocket book! Along with shunning the corrupt politicians, the corrupt media, and the corrupt cops, you must shun and shame their Tourist Factory businesses and get everyone else you know to do the same. Think of it as pay back time! Think of it as starving the parasites. Think of it as Fairism.

JOB TWO: DEVELOP A VOICE... In tandem with shunning and shaming the gangster bullies, each and every one of us should discuss our grievances with each other with an eye to stating them clearly as problems in need of a solution. Individuals will then select issues that they are most passionate and knowledgeable about and write about those issues. Point out the hypocrisy and corruption involved and, most important, who benefits from that corruption. Get their pictures if you can. Be responsible. Be sure of your facts and do not use hearsay. State clearly that it is opinion when it is so. Write a one or two paragraph abstract of the problem and then create a slogan title.

For example... if you are upset about the privatization (read  gangster theft here) of our bay front anchorage, write about it and create a slogan. Develop a succinct story that explains how the anchorage was hijacked and reveal the players involved that did the dirty work. Remember this is pay back time, and also remember that the people that screwed you did so by immorally and illegally usurping the rule of law and they have foolishly openly bragged about it. You hold the moral high ground.

Create a clear vision of the solution — what you want. Visualize yourself and others enjoying that freedom of dropping anchor once again in the public commons bay front.

When you have developed your individual message begin to promote it in any fashion that you can. Submit your issue and all materials to the public and to others who are creating other similar issue messages. The goal here is to create a people's voice that counters the corporate system propaganda. Pay attention to feedback but avoid listening to the Mepublican and Meocrat losers who will try to tell you that you can not change the system because 'it has always been like this'. They only want to protect their own power and will try to instill a sense of futility in you. The reality is that the morality of humanity does ebb and flow, but the trend over time has been to eliminate the Xtrevilist sociopaths from our midst and for more common people to gain the rights and justice of their humanity. The Magna Carta, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights all came about as the result of people just like us working together to insure that their God given rights to freedom and equal opportunity would not be trampled upon.

This Is Not A Protest!
This Is Direct Democracy!

JOB THREE: Direct Democracy — Consolidate all issues into a platform... Use the RESPECT RESIDENTS RIGHTS logo as shown to showcase your particular issue. Using the logo for individual issues will build community and show solidarity with your friends and neighbors.

Using the individual abstracts about each issue, consolidate all issues into a single hand out sheet with an overview introduction explaining that the hijacking and failure of our representative democracy has made this Direct Democracy action necessary. Fashion the introductory language after the preamble to the Declaration of Independence;

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, ...  

This overview introduction is the rationalization behind Direct Democracy and the Respect Residents Rights effort. In a very short time the issues will be crystallized and priorities will be ascertained. Those issues will then become a platform for Fairism. They will become the Demands of Direct Democracy. What the people, working together, free of the co-opting forces of the 'system', really want.

I think the primary and dominant boycott slogan to gain attention here in Saint Augustine should be; JUST SAY NO! TO 450! as shown at the top of the page. It focuses attention on the elite gangster Tourist Factory as a main (grossly high community impact) problem and it sends a very strong message of dissatisfaction with the underlying corrupt status quo.

Be a part of history... It is fitting that the City of Saint Augustine, which bills itself as the nation's oldest European settlement, should be the birthplace of a new and better form of democracy — Direct Democracy! You have an opportunity here to be a part of it and contribute to the greater good. You have an opportunity to set an example that will inspire other Americans in other towns and cities across America  to take similar action and peacefully release us all from the grip of these immoral sociopathic forces. 

Martin Luther King once described Saint Augustine as "the most lawless city in America". I would describe Saint Augustine as the most immoral city in America. Our goal then is to make Saint Augustine — through the use of Direct Democracy by the people and for the people — America's most moral city.

A word about equality...  The greatest immorality that has been imposed on us all by these aberrant sociopaths now in control is our divisiveness. These self anointed elite sociopaths are masters at pointing out and amplifying any differences that we may have. They do this to distract and deflect our attention away from their own immoral piggish greed and excessive wealth and to divide us so as to control and conquer us. They have taught us to hate one another. If you have adopted some of these elite hateful beliefs and you hold prejudices towards others; gays, women, people of different skin color, the homeless, Jews, Muslims, fat people, short people, etc., and you believe that in some way that you are superior to others, now is a good time to reflect on who it was that intentionally instilled those hateful viewpoints in you and why. Now is also a good time to consider changing those viewpoints.

Remember that it is "We the people." — all of the people!

State your issues now...

And remember; ideas are the wedges, it is hard work and persistence that drives them home...

              Discuss your grievances. Tell a friend. Make this go viral. Get started now!