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 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."
Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

An open letter to the Saint Augustine neighborhood associations, please copy all members and forward as the spirit moves you...

The Gang Rape Of The
Downtown Residents Continues...

[No! Gang rape is not too harsh a term!]

A Milestone Event,
The Escalation Of Arrogance:
Private Property Confiscation!

The Saint Augustine Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Tour — The Mumford Concert — represents a milestone event in the on going incremental gang rape of the down town residents by the rogue gangster government of the City of Saint Augustine. Not content with their ongoing privatization embarrassingly transparent theft of the PUBLIC COMMONS (see below), the Xtrevilist pigs in city hall now turn to de facto confiscation of PRIVATE PROPERTY in order to attempt to satiate their insatiable greed.

Full Definition of CONFISCATE
1:  to seize as forfeited to the public treasury
2:  to seize by or as if by authority

Yes folks — PRIVATE PROPERTY — residents access, and their guests access, will be restricted by permit for the Mumford concert! Two permits only per household and if you need extra permits, YOU — yes YOU — have to call someone on the county payroll in the 'culture department' at your expense (and your tax dollar expense on the other end of the line of course) for additional PERMITS, and then drive to the amphitheater on the island, during a very small window of time, to get those permits. And if your guests should arrive unannounced after noon on the days your property is being  CONFISCATED FOR PRIVATE GAIN — too bad!

Your right to unrestricted access of your private property has been seized by the gangsters downtown in city hall. Your right to the "quiet enjoyment" of your property has also been severely compromised. This event is both a public and a private nuisance that affects the quiet enjoyment of the downtown residents. But it has deeper more far reaching negative societal effects that many citizens are not even aware of...

An unadulterated burst of b
THIS EVENT IS NOTNOT — for a public emergency mind you.
THIS EVENT IS NOTNOT — to make essential repairs to a roadway or a sewer system where it would be understandable to close very limited sections of roadways, with well thought out detours, in the interest of the public welfare.
THIS EVENT IS NOTNOT — in the interest of the public welfare!

THERE IS NO compelling reason for seizing control of and closing off huge swaths of the downtown area other than to simply satisfy the greed glands of the local merchants, the state alcohol and tobacco cartel drug dealers, the gangster hijacked city government, and a more sinister driving force behind it all that seeks to eliminate the American middle class.

In a pure unadulterated burst of baloneyspeak, Chief of the Saint Augustine Police Department Tourist Factory Mall Security & Alcohol & Tobacco Cartel Muscle, Lauren Leuders said, according to the Tourist Factory's Saint Augustine Wreckit, "The restrictions are meant to keep traffic manageable and to make life more comfortable for residents."

That's pure baloney Lauren baby — and you know it! If you want "to make life more comfortable for residents" hang your un-American corporate butt sucking complicit head in shame, stop leading your men and women astray of the Constitution and go find a societally productive job.

Also noted in the Tourist Factory's Saint Augustine Wreckit was the fact that this is a learning experience;

"Additionally, systems being developed to support an event of this size and complexity, such as restricted access to residential areas and transportation systems with satellite parking, will serve the city for other events in the future."

What this means my hoodwinked good friends and neighbors is that unless you grow some balls and nip this in the bud you can expect for certain that this escalation in the degradation of your quality of life and drop in your home values by de facto CONFISCATION of your home WILL continue. The drive by shooting stage that we see almost every day now in ever more Detroit like Jacksonville is right around the corner if we allow this CONFISCATION to take place and these uncivil obnoxiously loud substance abuse greed-fests to continue.

Why this letter to the neighborhood associations...
Why am I writing this letter and addressing it to the intentionally fractured (divide and conquer) neighborhood associations? Let me explain.

After expressing my dissatisfaction with the CONFISCATION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY to the very nice folks who delivered the two private property access permits to my home (they were from the neighborhood association in my area, the Flagler Model Land neighborhood) they urged me to come and speak at a neighborhood association meeting to express my viewpoints. I felt that there was some sympathy from them and some agreement with my position. I declined and briefly told them why. I herewith elaborate on and amplify those reasons that I gave them for not wanting to participate;

1. The neighborhood associations have many Tourist Factory merchants as members. These Tourist Factory merchant members have no problem with confiscating your private property as they will be busy selling to their customers. [Yes, they are customers — not visitors — brought here at your expense, don't believe the burden shifting baloney.]

While your home is being confiscated, your freedoms limited, your "quiet enjoyment" of your property trashed, and the fabric of your culture is being eroded by this substance abuse greedfest, their cash registers will be going Ka—ching, Ka—ching! In short summary, their greedy self serving Ka-ching interests are not your downtown resident living on the Tourist Factory floor interests. There is a  simple solution; you need to form ONE resident member alliance — Tourist Factory merchant free — that meets once a week in city hall. Demand a politician free meeting place. Its your city and your city hall! Bring the kids and some pot luck and meet one another. If they refuse the space go to the slave market in the downtown park.

2. When the neighborhood associations have any concerns or desire policy changes they address those concerns and requests to the same disingenuous hijacked government foxes that have gang raped them in the first place. This is folly! I refuse to do so (read below). That madness only serves to validate, further legitimize and empower these government closet drug dealers that have hijacked the city.

3. Back in 1998 when my PRO FREE SPEECH and PRO CIVIL RIGHTS newspaper, the "Saint Aug Dog" (the good neighborhood folks handing out the permits had never heard of it) was first confiscated and banned by the city goon squad Police Department Tourist Factory Mall Security & Alcohol & Tobacco Cartel Muscle, there were many resident members of the neighborhoods who held the elite viewpoint that it was OK to turn a blind eye to corrupting the 'rule of law' to eliminate the street artists, entertainers, and even newspapers of persons with opposing view points (ahem... me). They were brainwashed by the local Tourist Factory media into believing that these were lesser people not worthy of equality under the rule of law. That same demonization exists today with the same continued exclusions. Don't believe the Pollyanna Glad Game crowd that Civil Rights and Free Speech have been restored in Jim Crow Saint Augustine. They have not! The present stifling of the homeless and their unequal treatment under the 'color of law' is particularly appalling.

Equal treatment under the law FOR ALL CITIZENS is what it is all about! That immoral elite attitude, still held by some residents, has to be openly discussed and eliminated if there is ever to be a fair and just 'rule of law'. I can remember back in 98 trying to persuade city residents that using bogus Jim Crow law and selective enforcement of those laws to deprive and eliminate others to "clean up" the city was not the solution to the "problem" but would only lead to further real problems. I was, at the time, shocked by some of their elite viewpoints and instilled hatreds. But many of them, unpersuaded, went along and supported the inequality anyway. And here we are today — the chickens have come home to roost — with our homes now being de facto CONFISCATED. You reap what you sow.

The two tier, selectively enforced crap 'rule of law' that we now have, that favors only the xtrevilist rich, is responsible for the current degradation of our once great American society. It is my firm belief, based in my own experiences and substantial knowledge of other patriotic citizens that have endured the same gross maltreatment in defending their own rights and while  fighting for equality, that no positive changes will come from within this intractable gangster controlled system.

That's right kids, if you really want positive enduring "cultural" change and you want to save your home from continued CONFISCATION and reduction in value, you are going to have to stop wasting your time on the contrived, intentionally energy dissipating workshops, committees, bogus associations, etc., and create your own alliances and go out on the streets in protest.  "Crooked City! Crooked Cops! Don't Spend In Greedy Shops!" and; "Just say NO — to 450!", should be your starter slogans.

But wait — there's more! The Constitution and the deeper meaning...

In addition I would also say that I am stunned that none of you believers in the 'rule of law' have not gone to court to get an injunction against the confiscation of your PRIVATE PROPERTY that has been taken for no compelling reason other than to exercise the greed glands of the merchants, the state alcohol and tobacco cartel and the downtown gangster hijacked government. The old phony baloney rationales of 'public safety' and 'historical integrity' have now been replaced with an ever more transparent even more laughable ruse rationale — culture! ROTFLMAO! The fact that this ruse stimulus of the merchant, city, and alcohol and tobacco cartel greed glands is aided and abetted by the County is beyond disgraceful.

"The Takings Clause, the last clause of the Fifth Amendment, limits the power of eminent domain by requiring that "just compensation" be paid if private property is taken for public use."

Does this grossly loud music "festival" really benefit the public welfare or public interest or does it more serve; the arrogant greedy bully insensitive totally inconsiderate promoters; the few merchants; the gangster Tourist Factory city that wants to forcefully channel parking and traffic flow to its new shuttle systems and overpriced parking garage; and the state alcohol and tobacco cartel that has its greed glands in overdrive as it will sell more drugs that impair, sicken and debilitate society as a direct result of this concert? Alcohol and tobacco kill over 500,000 Americans a year, not to mention the grief and pain that their loved ones suffer when they are killed by state sanctioned drug dealers who are well aware of the statistics involved yet continue to willingly and knowingly sell this poison into the community. Why does the county "culture" department encourage this downtown arrogantly loud music "festival" that stimulates and encourages this predatory recreational drug use? Are they celebrating culture or are they creating a substance abuse culture? Why aren't these people in the private sector like most corporate promoters? Why is your county government behind this affront to the senses?

What about the "culture" of mutual respect and sanity?

The deeper meaning, "the more sinister driving force behind it all that seeks to eliminate the American middle class"...
Why do the fat ass do nothing parasitic bankers, who control the credit strings that determine the use of new money, fund the alcohol and tobacco cartels new infrastructure and its bogus "cultural" promotional ruses? Are we really talking societal improvement here or are we talking intentional herd thinning and increasing police state control? Are there not some greater dark forces at work here to further weaken the once strong and vibrant middle class, not only in America, but globally? Did not the British subjugate the Chinese for a period of time by fostering recreational use of addictive opium throughout China? Yes they did! Intentionally! And with great effectiveness!

Is this analogy comparison to what is going on in America today, and other nation states around the globe, far fetched? I think not. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that drug abuse in America has increased for the last ten years! More alarming are the societal costs. From the National Institute on Drug Abuse;

"Estimates of the total overall costs of substance abuse in the United States, including productivity and health- and crime-related costs, exceed $600 billion annually. This includes approximately $193 billion for illicit drugs,1 $193 billion for tobacco,2 and $235 billion for alcohol.3 As staggering as these numbers are, they do not fully describe the breadth of destructive public health and safety implications of drug abuse and addiction, such as family disintegration, loss of employment, failure in school, domestic violence, and child abuse."

And if you are a real student of history you will know that many low brow Chinese officials, ignorant of the greater subjugation rationale of the British, were easily bribed by the British elite into selling out their fellow citizens. Keep in mind also that Big Pharma is also playing the same game of addicting your fellow citizens through corrupt and complicit doctors. The promotion of addictive substances is not limited to just alcohol and tobacco and it is not limited to the US;

I could go on with more links and more info, but by now you get the picture. There is a marked increase in substance abuse globally that is a major contributor to decimating the middle class and enslaving us all. Whether or not you believe that there is a higher level orchestration to this (as I do) or not, the facts can not be disputed.

For the record: I am not against individuals using any recreational drug that they want if they produce it with their own hands for use by themselves and a few friends and acquaintances. I am not a teetotaler and have been known to pound a few beers myself. I am however against the mass production of large quantities of drugs that require large anti-competitive distribution networks, predatory advertising, crooked protectionist muscle cops, societally negative excessive quota systems for licenses, corrupt sales techniques, buying government legislation in order to maintain a profit, etc., and that all contribute to the degradation of society.

What will the gangster drug dealing commissioners downtown and in the county "culture" department say to the parents and loved ones of the poor intentionally over enticed souls who wind up wearing toe tags as a result of this hijacked government promoted system abuse "culture"?

The death of your loved one is brought to you by your substance abuse promoting Saint John's County and City of Saint Augustine Commissioners,
 and, the big Florida drug king pin sending a steady stream of competitive drug users to his corporate crony political donation privatized prison buddies.
 Florida Drug Lord
Rick Scott

State Drug Dealers

 Florida has approximately 75,000 active alcoholic beverage and tobacco license holders. The division generates over $1.9 billion in license fees, taxes, fines, etc. With 328.25 employees, these responsibilities are carried out through three bureaus within the division: Licensing, Auditing and Enforcement.

Mixed drink licenses go for about $300,000 each, giving the rich a leg up on subjugating and destroying the poor.

As long as we have some drug dealers 'legal' through graft and corruption, and given protectionist muscle by 'law enforcement' that hypocritically sends competitive product users to for profit prisons, we will never solve this burgeoning substance abuse problem.
And what ever happened to Len Weeks vision of a family oriented culture with shop keepers living over their businesses in buildings maintained with an eye to "historical integrity"? As much as I disliked Len Weeks for his role in the usurpation of the 'rule of law' for private gain he at least had a clear and wholesome vision, not this thinly veiled, excessively arrogant noisy substance abuse promoting corporate "culture" baloney! And he makes useful and beautiful things with his own hands, unlike these fat ass parasitic useless bankers and lawyers who produce nothing other than an enormous financial drain on society.

I am also stunned that none of the down town residents that are virtually on the Tourist Factory floor are not calling for a reverse mitigation tax. Yes you/we should be paid to live here. We provide the cutesy cutesy back drop prop homes that are/were (fast becoming were) an integral part of the "charm" of Saint Augustine.

When the state (any branch of government) takes a private property for its own use, eminent domain laws require that there be some "just compensation". That should apply to partial and the continued partial confiscation of our residences.

Beer bottles, puke, food wrappers, used condoms, and all other sorts of human waste and trash on our lawns and sidewalks.

The only "compensation" the downtown residents on the Tourist Factory floor get is beer bottles, puke, food wrappers, used condoms, and all other sorts of human waste and trash on their lawns and sidewalks. We have to pick it up and hose it away. The merchants are instructed to simply blow it into the streets and the city then daily (yes even Saturdays and Sundays), sends out its filth and disease spreaders; whining diesel powered monsters that start at five o'clock in the morning (in baloneyspeak they call them 'street sweepers'), to suck it all up at taxpayer expense. You could not design a better device to launch the airborne bacteria spores of the three to six million Tourist Factory customers, all of indeterminate and questionable health, that come here and spread their germ laden filth and trash all over the city. You could also not design a better device to destroy the serenity, tranquility, and beauty, of an early morning sunrise on what was once a very beautiful and appealing bay front. It is like having an inconsiderate low brow neighbor with a mega powered leaf blower that blows his yard clean every time you sit, freshly showered, on your front porch to enjoy an early morning cup of coffee and the sound of the birds.

I could go on and on with the quality of life destroying list of the effects of selfish high community impact tourism, but that would be another very long essay. Suffice to say the downtown residents on the factory floor do not have the state law guaranteed "quiet enjoyment" of their property and it now sucks living here! The historical charm has turned to incessant harm. The city is now one big very noisy stressful roadside joint!

And please, let's stop all of the comparisons to Disneyland to justify increased fees for every grossly overpriced Tourist Trap Factory function. MAKE THE DISTINCTION: Walt Disney, bought with his own money, the land that Disneyland stands on. The Xtrevilists in Saint Augustine, through an ongoing pattern and practice of immorally usurping the 'rule of law', stole the public commons they operate their Tourist Factory on and they run it in great part with resident wallet theft funding! And now — CONFISCATION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY!

If my tone seems uncivil and disrespectful of the gangsters downtown I make no apologies for it. Read the rest of this web site and you will know why. Confiscating newspapers and trashing them into dumpsters to repress lawful political opposition is grossly uncivil and disrespectful as are all of the other infractions of the 'rule of law' noted here on this web site. This pattern and practice of usurpation of the 'rule of law' for personal gain is in fact the third world banana republic tactic of low brow knuckle dragging bully Xtrevilist dictators — just what we have downtown in city hall — and just what we have in Washington!

If anyone does want to take to the streets in protest for a fair and just 'rule of law' I will stand with you.

In summary; the above is what I would say if I attended and spoke to the neighborhood association in my area. I would also, if allowed and given the time, present the information that follows below.

And now from the letter to the neighborhood associations to the relaunch of the Fountain of baloney™ web site...

Life's great! Stay busy! Have fun!

Warren Celli
Editor and publisher of the banned and confiscated — many times — "Saint Aug Dog", pro FREE SPEECH pro CIVIL RIGHTS newspaper.

This site is dedicated to John Victor Powers, Greg Travous, and David Thundershield Queen, all of whom were denied their God given and Constitutionally guaranteed freedom and opportunity by the rogue gangster City of Saint Augustine Government and their low brow, mean spirited, bully police force. Those freedoms and opportunities denied, and the
illegal and immoral; harassment, arrests, hardships, trials and tribulations they were forced to suffer under the "color of law", were in great part causative contributions to their all being sent to an early grave!  It is called murder!

David Thundershield Queen & Greg Travous. A picture of John Victor Powers is forthcoming.

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But as you will all see in the very near future your crumb supply is about to be severely disrupted, severely reduced, and quite possibly be gone forever. Many of you more sentient individuals can already sense and feel this now near future chaos. It is not a problem of diminishing resources and global warming; though those problems do pose significant challenges. It is a moral problem. A problem of broken trust in the rule of law as we now all more rapidly sink into the chaos of deception.

If you understand economics and can read charts click here to see clearly what is going on...

Usurpation: The illegal encroachment or assumption of the use of authority, power, or property properly belonging to another; the interruption or disturbance of an individual in his or her right or possession.

The term usurpation is also used in reference to the unlawful assumption or seizure of sovereign power, in derogation of the constitution and rights of the proper ruler.
West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.