Saint Augustine, Florida, home of the world renown Fountain of Youth is also home of the World's Oldest and most famous fountain - The Fountain of Baloney™. Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site.

 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.
 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."
Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

Coming Soon — By Popular Demand!
The relaunch of the Fountain Of Baloney™ web site...

I have recently had a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances to put my old "Fountain of Baloney" web site back on line. It will soon be forthcoming along with a detailed rationale for the relaunch. For now I am putting up this preview site. This preview site uses the old web site header above. Note the call to vote in the graphic. I no longer believe in the viability of the electoral process, and in fact, I proactively boycott it.

In preparation for the relaunch of the site I have completely refurbished a street art sculpture (picture below) first created in 2003. I presently have it entered for juried inclusion in the Folio Weekly Invitational Artist Exhibition August 24 — December 2, 2012, to be held at the Cummer Museum of Arts & Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida. Folio Weekly is Northeast Florida's top alternative weekly news and opinion magazine. I have this sculpture entered along with another piece of art, a graphic, created for my new web site BOXtheFOX . As I said there on that web site, I have my Fingers crossed, and I will keep you posted as to the juries decision.

Meanwhile here is a picture of the submitted Fountain of Baloney™ sculpture. I think it is quite beautiful but I am obviously biased. The sculpture shown here and the graphic displayed on the new BOXtheFOX web site represent a time span difference of almost ten years. A lot has happened in that time span.

One of the many inspirations for relaunching the Fountain of Baloney web site was the courage and top drawer morality of Greg Travous...

A tribute to Greg Travous...
I believe the pillars of the community are the killers of the community... If you have some time check out the "Art in the Market" web site of Greg Travous, top link above in the left hand column, or, click the type here. Greg Travous, a valued friend and a kindred spirit, like many other patriotic citizens who fought the gangster hijacked City of Saint Augustine government and their goon squad bully cops, is now dead. Greg was a gentle but morally forceful spirit, with a great sense of humor and irony. He was a true hero.

Greg Travous was continually harassed, intimidated, arrested, humiliated and bullied — like so many other good people in this city — by the gangsters that have so transparently and blatantly usurped the city's Rule of Law for their own immoral and selfish gain. I believe, that as a direct result of the aggregate effect of those pervasive, bullying, illegal, and immoral stressful forces, Greg Travous was sent to an early grave. I also believe, that he, like so many others, was murdered. One can only take so much bullying, so much abuse, and so much stress.

In a truly fair and just world many of the 'pillars' of the community would be wearing striped prison suits.
There is a special place in hell for all of these psychopathic immoral self anointed elite cowardly weasel Xtrevilist sickos...

If you want to be notified of the Fountain of Baloney™ site's relaunch notify me here.
But as you will all see in the very near future your crumb supply is about to be severely disrupted, severely reduced, and quite possibly be gone forever. Many of you more sentient individuals can already sense and feel this now near future chaos. It is not a problem of diminishing resources and global warming; though those problems do pose significant challenges. It is a moral problem. A problem of broken trust in the rule of law as we now all more rapidly sink into the chaos of deception.
If you understand economics and can read charts click here to see clearly what is going on...

Usurpation: The illegal encroachment or assumption of the use of authority, power, or property properly belonging to another; the interruption or disturbance of an individual in his or her right or possession.

The term usurpation is also used in reference to the unlawful assumption or seizure of sovereign power, in derogation of the constitution and rights of the proper ruler.
West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Scientists at the world famous Fountain of Baloney™ have developed a new tool for law enforcement...