Saint Augustine, Florida, home of the world renown Fountain of Youth is also home of the World's Oldest and most famous fountain - The Fountain of Baloney™. Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site.

 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.
 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."
Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

A history of bullying, corruption and murder...
In microcosm, the hijacked city of Saint Augustine Florida stands as a case study that reveals everything that is wrong in America today...

By studying the city's real history — the history that you will not get in the local Tourist Factory corporate owned media — you will better understand why our aggregate global human morality embedded in our Rule Of Law has become so deeply soiled...

The City of Saint Augustine Florida is presently ruled by an oppressive city government that owes its existence to engaging in an on going pattern and practice of knowingly and willingly — and openly bragging about — creating a long string of patently unconstitutional repressive Jim Crow laws. Laws that ban Constitutionally guaranteed FREE SPEECH, art, music, newspapers, political opposition, and the homeless from simply asking another human being for a helping hand. T
hese blatantly unconstitutional laws have been selectively enforced by a subservient goon squad police force that uses; intimidation, massive arrests, entering private property without warrants, confiscating, impounding, and trashing into dumpsters lawful newspapers and political protest materials, selectively excessive bail, etc. All of this arrogant lawlessness and violence has been performed under "color of law" with the purpose of terrorizing and instilling fear and compliance in the city's residents. The end result is that the present city government now stands as a self empowered rogue government that stifles, oppresses, and exploits, the resident citizens at will.

This on going pattern and practice of crimes have all been knowingly and willingly committed for the following express purposes; to suppress and eliminate political opposition so as to illegally and immorally control the city government; to demonize and eliminate an entire recognizable class of people (street artists, entertainers, and the homeless — a hate crime) just like blacks were eliminated and suppressed; to eliminate competition so as to control and fix markets; to suppress and control employee wages by limiting opportunity and instilling fear; to steal commonly owned community property for selfish private use and private gain; to raise confiscatory taxes on the residents to fund the city gangster activities; to pay themselves grossly outrageous fat salaries and piggishly lavish retirement packages, etc.;

According to the City Clerk’s office, WILLIAM B. HARRISS receives a retirement check from the City of St. Augustine of $9,367.46 monthly ($112,409.52 per year).

In the process of all of the above the city has been turned into a tacky and soulless shop worn mall where the residents have lost; their rule of law, their freedom, their community center, their playgrounds, their street parking, their mooring fields, their right to the "quiet enjoyment" of their property, their clean healthful air, their once joyous social fabric, their community spirit, etc., and all the while they have been subjected to the unbridled machinations of a co-opted and mean spirited bully police force which in effect functions as a low cost and surly mall security force for the benefit of the
<1% self anointed wealthy elite. Talk about transparent burden shifting and bogus indemnification! Sheesh!

Let me be very clear here; these rogue city officials and their knee pad wearing cops have empowered themselves through a pattern and practice of committing gross unlawful violence —
all under the "color of law" — against the peaceful citizens of the community, and visitors to the community, that they pretend to serve. As such they are common thug gangster murdering felons, and even though you must obey their so usurped authority — you do not have to, nor should you respect that usurped authority nor contribute in any voluntary fashion to supporting it.

Yes, that is Saint Augustine's REAL HISTORY!

Rationale for relaunch of
The Fountain of Baloney™ web site...

Timing and explosive internet growth...
Launched about ten years ago, the original Fountain Of Baloney™ web site was a bit ahead of its time in that there was a far smaller established base of people with personal computers and those that owned them were generally more nerdy and wealthy than most folks. Those computers were relatively pricey, and they were far less powerful in terms of hard drive memory, processor speed, ram, etc., compared to what is available today. Many folks were still on the old 56k dial up voice band modems, and DSL and cable internet access was just coming into the area.

The explosive growth in all facets of personal computers and the internet has been phenomenal in the past ten or twelve years with countless millions more people, of more common means, now on line. The first Issue of the pro FREE SPEECH and pro CIVIL RIGHTS "Saint Aug Dog" newspaper — that was illegally and immorally confiscated
and banned by the City Of Saint Augustine — was created on a desktop Mac in early 1998 (I have been a long time Mac fan boy and I think I used an old Quadra). The take away here is that the demographics of computer owners have changed and there is now a far larger and far more receptive ever rapidly increasing audience, especially now with the intentionally orchestrated global financial crisis that has laid many of them off and allows them more time for learning on line. I welcome all of you new readers.

Fountain of Youth and the Fountain of Baloney™— lies of omission versus
the real history... Tourist trap, Saint Augustine, Florida, bills itself as the Nation's Oldest City and also as home of the legendary Fountain of Youth. I first created The Fountain of Baloney™ parody as a mockery of all of the phony historical baloney that was used to rationalize enacting, and at the same time deflect from, the endless stream of restrictive Jim Crow law that was being created. "Historical Integrity" was, and still is for many of these gangster losers, the rationalizing 'buzz'.

I initially put up the Fountain Of Baloney™ web site in frustration with having to deal with the continued harassment, arrests, confiscations, searches and seizures of our protest materials from private property without warrants, and the incessant demonizing of artists, musicians, and my newspaper by the city officials, merchants and their media. The tyranny and oppression that was taking place on the streets was severely limiting our ability to inform the public of what was going on. In addition the incessant gross violence of the city's goon squad cops against those who were protesting for their (and your) God given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights for freedom and opportunity to better themselves was finally taking its toll, and many of them — unfairly, immorally, and illegally deprived of income — were draining what little resources they did have and they were less able and inclined to resist. The One Man Band, Jeff Masin (a National Treasure and real hero in my opinion!), had been arrested over forty times, and the local toady sell out judges were selectively imposing higher and grossly unfair bail amounts on those being arrested.

Suspicions confirmed — the victim does not appeal to the rapist for redress of grievances... Over time I too also became discouraged and eventually took the web site down. I was deeply disappointed and disillusioned in the community, members of my own family, and quite frankly, with many of my fellow street artists and activist friends. My greatest bone of contention with them all was that they would continually focus their remedial efforts on engaging with the same gangster jackals in government that had just proven themselves to be disingenuous scum bag usurpers of the law as outlined above. It was beyond me, how they could go to city meetings, with hat in hand and heads bowed, and so obsequiously appeal to the same gangster scum that had just so egregiously, unlawfully, and uncivilly, violated their Constitutional rights and caused the loss of freedom, opportunity, trials, tribulations, and early deaths of their fellow citizens.

Sorry, but that kind of ignorant groveling behavior does not exist in my repertoire of social skills. It has never made sense to me to appeal
for redress of grievances to the same disingenuous liars that have just so unfairly and so criminally brutalized me and denied me my God given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights. To seek remedy from the rapist is folly, they care not a twit about the wrongs that they have just so knowingly and willfully committed. The chicken does not beseech the fox for justice. The fly does not ask the spider to release him from the web. What is so difficult to understand here? One might just as well ask the sun to rise in the west, streams to flow up hill or pigs to fly. Do not hold your breath waiting for the results.
Broader knowledge tells the story — perception and
deception... In frustration, and still feeling a compelling moral and civic responsibility to right the egregious wrongs I had learned about and been subjected to here in Saint Augustine, I turned to focusing what time I could on learning more about politics on the internet. I was amazed to learn that what was happening here in Saint Augustine (not in specifics but in terms of governmental corruption), was in many ways quite common place all over America. And, that prior to my involvement with the gangster city, I had been living in an American fantasy world; an untested fantasy illusion of living in a highly moral country of great freedom and opportunity that does not really exist. I was naive to the real world political forces.

Yes my friends, the great American Freedom myth is just that — a myth! It would better be called Scamerican Feedom!

If that offends you, I understand. I too would have found that offensive before I tested the illusion here in Saint Augustine, and before I spent so much time on the internet talking to others like myself all over the world. In that process of investigation I have learned a lot about human nature, its driving forces of deception and perception, and how they relate to the development of our human morality. Also through that process I have come to believe that my initial instincts and feelings, to not engage with and seek redress from those immoral few who have so corruptly screwed us all over, are sound instincts and feelings, and that that process should be formalized politically into what I would call shunism, a simple system of boycotting egregious immoral behavior so as to not be complicit in that
egregious immoral behavior.

I still shun the crooked city officials and their crooked cops, and I still boycott, except for food sustenance, the down town merchants. In addition I have pro-actively notified, by letter, the supervisor of elections that good conscience compels me to no longer participate in the scam electoral process and to count my vote as a 'Vote Of No Confidence' in our crooked government as presently constituted. We can no longer afford any compromise with the dark forces that now intentionally divide us, impoverish our lives, and soil our past good morality.

To dispel those false illusions... I have also relaunched the Fountain of Baloney™ web site because I am tired of  people telling me that we have Free Speech in America and that there is no way that a newspaper could be confiscated and banned in this country. It happened! Right here in Saint Augustine! It is all a matter of record! As are the searches and seizing of newspapers and political materials from private property without warrants by the goon squad Saint Augustine Police Department tax welfare subsidized
1% Tourist Factory Mall Security. FREE SPEECH rights are violated every day in America. Many Americans, like I once was, are living in a false illusion. It is living in that illusion, living in that snow job make believe world, that has allowed the morally aberrant few liars to gain control of not only our local government here in Saint Augustine, but also; county, state, federal, and governments all over the world. We need to all wake up and smell the corruption and our forced complicity in it. It is a disgrace and a tragedy that we did not put these morally diseased unpatriotic selfish losers out with yesteryear's trash.

Testimony to the experience of being bullied and abused... I have also relaunched the Fountain of Baloney™ web site as testimony to my past experience as a political activist and being unfairly and immorally abused by the corrupt system. It is time that we all heed the stories of
experienced others, not to be fearful, but to learn from them and to further their efforts for positive remedial change. To realize that those who control us all are a sick immoral aberrant few bullies and that we in the vast majority are the far more fair and normal but misguided and misled many. I urge anyone else that has had past similar experiences to put up a web site and tell their own stories in their own words.

Reclaiming and rebuilding the hijacked American ideals — inspiration and the internet... As I mentioned above the internet is the big game changer here. Consider that in the past fifty plus years where our culture has been intentionally shaped to fear and divisive hate, it was all accomplished with primarily one way media. The  wealthy elite producer, through his media minions, had control of the message and the very limited feedback. That has changed now with the interactive direct democracy nature of the internet. We now all have true FREE SPEECH where we can indeed all communicate with each other. The power of the internet is your call to action! Use it! Sidestep the traditional media. Form your own blogs and web sites. Be a part of eradicating the moral disease of the aberrant few sick bullies amongst us and reclaiming your stolen past to build a better more moral direct democracy in America and the world. You are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you. Learn how and why you have been deceived and work for positive change.

A Resource...
The relaunch of the Fountain of Baloney™ web site, and the new BoxtheFox™ web site will both serve as a resource for those who would like to know more about human nature and politics and how it affects their lives. To hopefully urge all of us to better citizenship and to reclaim and rebuild our soiled morality into a better and more workable morality and rule of law.

Trickle down cannibalism...
A Few Closing Thoughts...
We all reap what they have sown... The problem that we all face here in Saint Augustine today — including the sick bully loser Saint Augustine gangster city officials and their sell out cops — is that the same morally despicable dynamic that has been applied here in Saint Augustine; hijacking, corrupting, and selectively enforcing the rule of law for immoral selfish gain, has also taken place at all levels above us. Not only has that greater corruption taken place, it has been intentionally encouraged, at all levels, in a top down orchestration of very alluring and rewarding complicity! The local greedy few, and the greedy few at every rung going up the ladder, have been conned by those above them in a quick profit, cheap money, bubble complicity scam meant to intentionally destroy our rule of law, and we all now must pay the piper. We have been debt trapped and enslaved through a very well crafted higher level corruption. The real problem is that the corruptors above are not the old fashioned Vanilla Greed for continued profit extraction folks — they are the more Perniciously Greedy elite — driven by a desire to control and incrementally herd thin the population and create a new societal, middle class free, structure of ruler and ruled. We here in Saint Augustine will not have a chair when their music stops playing.

This is not just another common pump and dump boom bust cycle, this is a major rearrangement of the furniture of humanity. It is not a good time for selfish and divisive tourism that depends on cheap gas prices, centralized largess, and gang raping residents for tax welfare for its survival. It is a time to change the city's sustenance mix to include more sustainable localized self sufficient endeavors. It won't  be done without first recognizing the depth of the corruption and restoring trust in government. This is explained in more detail in my new web site BoxtheFox™.com., suffice to say that we now face a long and difficult struggle to regain our deeply soiled human morality. The rule of law at all levels is beyond trust and we are all now rapidly sliding into dog eat dog trickle down cannibalism.

When the student is ready the master appears... If I have learned one thing well in all of my study of human nature I have learned that most people do not act on a problem of corruption until it effects them very directly — especially when their crumb supply is dependent upon their forced complicity as is the case with most Americans today. But as you will all soon see in the very near future your crumb supply is about to be severely disrupted, severely reduced, and quite possibly be gone forever. Your immoral complicity is about to bite you in the ass. Many of you more sentient individuals can already sense and feel this now near future chaos. It is not a problem of diminishing resources and global warming that we face; though those problems caused by past corruption do pose significant challenges. Our core problem is a moral problem. A very severe problem of intentionally broken trust in the rule of law as we now all more rapidly sink into the chaos of deception.

The chaos of deception is always the driving force of renewed interest in the improvement of human morality. You might want to consider changing your ways and be a part of reclaiming that stained morality — before that stained morality claims you.

It is not my intention to get into the harangue of the day to day bitch-fest here in overly repressive Saint Augustine or the intentionally energy dissipating patently bogus national political theater. I will write generalized articles about the process of the evolution of 'politics' and differing schemes of deception.

I have also learned well that morality is, at its heart, the structuring of honest, transparent and trustful alliances. I intend to focus on my songwriting, sculpture, and art, and will also use both web sites to showcase those efforts. Morality will of course be thematic. Both web sites are offered for thought stimulation and as a learning resource for those lacking experience (still living in the illusion mentioned above) and wanting to gain some knowledge while at the same time being exposed to some differing viewpoints other than those being supplied by
the corporate media owned and controlled by the aberrant self anointed elite. I invite like minded articles from others that offer out of the box thinking.

For the record — and for all of you corporate media shills who will attempt to demonize me... There is no hate speech against the rich here. Rather I shun, shame, mock, and disparage, the corrupt and immoral behaviors of those whom I believe have immorally and illegally taken far more than a fair share of life's pie. Further, I believe that they have an abnormal and aberrant moral disease that causes them to engage in their piggish behaviors. They are very sick people that have tainted and placed a real burden on the rest of us. They need help and they should be institutionalized and studied just like the serial killer bullies that they are. Hate the sin, but love and help the sinner to see the error of his piggish, societally destructive, selfish and elite thinking ways.

Also for the record; I am not "unpatriotic" because I now believe that election boycotts and an upgrade rewrite of our Constitution are the best course of action for positive remedial change. Nor am I "a dirty socialist commie", or "a starry eyed selfish libertarian". I do however recognize and consider all political contributions to the discourse that will ultimately get us all to a more balanced position. I believe in fairness and simple sharing just like my parents taught me. I believe that the only way to achieve that goal is to have a fair and just rule of law that serves all citizens equally. I call it Fairism. I believe that non violence is the best path to that goal with all of its options on the table.

Life's great! Stay busy! Have fun!

Warren Celli
Editor and publisher of the banned and confiscated — many times — "Saint Aug Dog", pro FREE SPEECH pro CIVIL RIGHTS newspaper.

This site is dedicated to John Victor Powers, Greg Travous, and David Thundershield Queen, all of whom were denied their God given and Constitutionally guaranteed freedom and opportunity by the rogue gangster City of Saint Augustine Government and their low brow, mean spirited, bully police force. Those freedoms and opportunities denied, and the
illegal and immoral; harassment, arrests, hardships, trials and tribulations they were forced to suffer under the "color of law", were in great part causative contributions to their all being sent to an early grave!  It is called murder!

David Thundershield Queen & Greg Travous. A picture of John Victor Powers is forthcoming.

• Go to the old Fountain of Baloney™web site. Many of the links are now broken and I will more than likely not fix them. I no longer hold many of the viewpoints expressed there — like believing  in the electoral process — I now believe that our government is so corrupt that only election boycotts and a Constitutional rewrite will remedy the situation.   Click Here.

• Go to the new BoxtheFox™ web site for a reflection of my current viewpoints. ClickHere


But as you will all see in the very near future your crumb supply is about to be severely disrupted, severely reduced, and quite possibly be gone forever. Many of you more sentient individuals can already sense and feel this now near future chaos. It is not a problem of diminishing resources and global warming; though those problems do pose significant challenges. It is a moral problem. A problem of broken trust in the rule of law as we now all more rapidly sink into the chaos of deception.

If you understand economics and can read charts click here to see clearly what is going on...

Usurpation: The illegal encroachment or assumption of the use of authority, power, or property properly belonging to another; the interruption or disturbance of an individual in his or her right or possession.

The term usurpation is also used in reference to the unlawful assumption or seizure of sovereign power, in derogation of the constitution and rights of the proper ruler.
West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.