Saint Augustine, Florida, home of the world renown Fountain of Youth is also home of the World's Oldest and most famous fountain - The Fountain of Baloney™. Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site.

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 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.

 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."

Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

 Tourist Alert! Boycott Tyranny! Boycott!
Boycott! Protectionist laws in Saint Augustine, Florida!

Newspapers Banned! Drawing the American Flag banned ! Singing God Bless America banned! Dancing banned! Artistry banned!

Tourists, do you really want to spend your hard earned money supporting a corrupt and un-American business community that bans; newspapers, art, and street entertainers?
You don't have to.
You can restore your Constitutionally guaranteed American Freedom.
It is all about your values, your money, your choices !

Your Constitution and Your Bill of Rights treated like dirt! 

Boycott Saint Augustine, Florida until city ordinances; 2000-03, 2000-09, and 2000-41 are repealed. Make your vacation count for America. Stand up for and value your freedoms.

'Saint Aug Dog' Newspaper Confiscated & BANNED

Crooks! Gangsters! This is not political it is criminal! It is racketeering!

Baloney Alert!

Reveal the Baloney and You Expose the Phoney!

I'm a MEpublican!

Crooks! Gangsters! This is not political it is criminal! Jeb knows what's going on - and he looks the other way!

Jeb Bush! Silent! Looks the other way for his gangster business cronies as they ban newspapers and defile your Constitution with its Bill of Rights!

The State of Florida "Historical" funding [business welfare] to this gangster run, FREEDOM denying, tyrannical theme park in Saint Augustine is OBSCENE!

City residents and tourists conducted a post card mailing campaign. Over a thousand protest post cards were sent from Saint George Street (in the down town tourist area) to politician's all over America. The brunt of them went to Governor Jeb Bush - not a peep out of the Constitution loving governor!

Suck Freedom Tyranny Boy!

You kick the dog you own the bite! Treat him right and he's a real delight.

Crooks! Gangsters! This is not political it is criminal!

This is racketeering!

It is done with the express purpose of eliminating competition and controlling your wages by denying you opportunity. There is a well established pattern and practice of this abuse in Saint Augustine. It is well documented in the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

That is a major reason they have worked so hard to suppress this newspaper!

The 'Selective Enforcers' at work.

Toady, suck-up, Saint Augustine cops (read; 'Tourist Factory' Mall security) confiscate and ban 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper. These cops filed false affidavits in Federal Court proceedings.

In a three day trial, an eight person Federal Court jury and judge rejected their testimony! They ruled unanimously in the 'Saint Aug Dog' publisher's favor - stating that city cops acted illegally under the "color of law"- both cops are still on the force regularly putting people in jail!

The same eight person Federal Court jury and judge rejected the testimony of the the then Chief of Police, William Robinson, now retired on your tax dollars, and presently a member of the Saint John's County business community's "good faith energy dissipater, visioning scam"!

The same eight person Federal Court jury and judge rejected the testimony of the city attorney, Jim (the rat weasel) Wilson, who is still on the city pay roll! He is now working to cram the Bill Harriss Monster Greed Garage down your throats! I have always characterized Wilson as a little loser rat weasel in a prison suit, in retrospect it is not a despicable enough characterization. It leaves out his prissy little piscine countenance. Blow fish comes to mind.

The same eight person Federal Court Jury and Judge rejected the testimony of the the high priced consulting attorney, Susan S. Erdelyi, Esquire, of the prestigious law firm of Marks, Gray, Conroy, & Gibbs, P.A., the same firm that has as representative clients; Salamon Smith Barney, Zurich American Insurance Group, Mercedes-Benz of North America, General Motors, First Union bank, etc., etc., etc.
Makes you wonder doesn't it when they bring in such a high powered specialist to grind up a little old First Amendment defending, street artist newspaper, like the 'Saint Aug Dog'?
Sadly, many public officials - including those in law enforcement - in Saint Augustine, Saint John's County, the State of Florida and the Federal government, have stood silent and looked the other way when made aware of the individual incidents reported about in the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog" newspaper, and the over fifteen year long (that is the time frame documented in the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper. It has been going on a lot longer), clearly delineated, pattern and practice of use of color of law to; deny opportunity, eliminate competition, control wages and suppress political opposition. This is simple racketeering.

Revealing & Eliminating, Hypocrisy & Corruption . . .

Inspired by criminals! Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site. Inspired by the criminal and disingenuous public officials of the city of Saint Augustine, Florida, this web site is about revealing and eliminating the hypocrisy and corruption in government caused by special interests - the root causes of most all societal problems in America today!
It is this hypocrisy and corruption, the bold face lies and thievery of those ethically challenged public servants among us (those who smilingly pose as our friends and neighbors), that is responsible for the vast majority of the ills in our society today and the negative attitudes that many people have towards government.
Reveal the baloney! Because much of this hypocrisy and corruption is suppressed by a toady suck-up, lap dog, infomercial media - that is owned and controlled by the same self serving business community that has corrupted our government - many of us become discouraged and wrongly blame the 'system'. We then - again wrongly - try to right these societal ills with futile and unnecessary changes to our form of government.
These crooks love it when we do that. It only dissipates our energy and takes our eyes off of the ball of their corruption.
Don't fall for it! The 'system' is fine!
Stay focused on their hypocritical criminal activity!

It Is Not The 'System' That Sucks - It Is The Crooks Running It That Suck !

Our Constitution is without equal! If you get anything at all out of this web site - please get this - there is absolutely nothing wrong with our American Constitution with its Bill of Rights! It is without equal anywhere in the world. Capitalism, when conducted honestly and fairly, is the quintessential economic system. It rocks! We do not need any new political or economic systems; socialism, theocracy, communism, libertarianism, plutocracy, conservatism, etc., nor do we need any more divisive labels; left, right, liberal, conservative, environmentalist, globalist, etc. The corruptors among us can, and will, simply corrupt these alternatives and these labels.

If we simply focus on - and eliminate - the hypocrisy and corruption in American government that has been bought and paid for by special interests, we will not only eliminate the need for these other divide and conquer alternatives, we will also restore our individual Freedoms!

Stamp out these low life charlatan gangsters! Get involved! Reveal hypocrisy and corruption to eliminate it. Take up the credo of the Fountain of Baloney™ - "Reveal the baloney and you expose the phoney™!"
Accept also this truism; unless we have equal rights, equal opportunity and equal justice for all, we have it for none, and our freedom is an illusion.
You are only deceiving yourself if you believe you can look the other way as others around you are being screwed and denied their rights.
Eventually your ox will also be gored. Corruption, always returns to the corruptor.
Join together America. Think Freedom! Register to vote today! Stamp out these low life ignorant gangsters who have stolen your government!
Jail the crooked politicians! Jail the crooked judges! Jail the crooked cops!

What's It All About? Saint Augustine's Sordid Unknown History.

Warren Celli, Publisher, BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

The wrong people are going to jail! I'll put it right up front; it is my belief based on my experience that there are a number of low life city officials in Saint Augustine, Florida - including cops - that belong in prison.
Further; specific agents of; Saint john's County, the State of Florida, and the Federal government are tacitly and actively aiding and abetting their actions and, I believe, should also be wearing striped uniforms.

It is not political, it is criminal! Sometimes you get embroiled in a difficult situation where your conscience compels you to not "let it go". You must continue because you feel that something is morally wrong and you can not let the injustice stand, even if it means personal loss and becoming very unpopular.
My battle with the city of Saint Augustine, Florida (which began as a legitimate political struggle over Free Speech rights on the public ways, and quickly turned into a nasty situation whereby the city and its police force engaged in criminal behavior), represents one of those situations for me.
It involves a number of moral issues, past and present, that I can not stand by and accept;

1. Committed under "the color of law"! In the past, city officials, after confiscating and banning a newspaper I publish - the 'Saint Aug Dog' - proffered false testimony in Federal Court proceedings. In spite of the unanimous rejection of that testimony, by an eight person Federal Court Jury and the presiding Judge, in which the ruling clearly stated that this confiscation was committed under "the color of law", no city officials were punished (see side bar to left).
2. Banned again! Within six weeks of the above mentioned Federal Court decision, the city of Saint Augustine, Florida, through city ordinance 2000-09, blatantly banned newspapers that were not published at "regular intervals", and reserved the right to control the content of newspapers, (see side bar, top right) in its downtown HP2 and HP3 districts.
That law is presently on the books today!
That's right folks, in America newspapers are banned and content is legislated! It gets worse . . .
3. Heinous political oppression! My newspaper and political materials have subsequently - numerous times - been banned, confiscated, impounded, and removed and prevented from public display.
This has been effected by city government in a variety of ways; intimidation, harassment, warrant less searches and seizures on private property, and the highly questionable very selective arrests of citizens that were engaged in legitimate political protest first (while displaying my newspaper and protest materials), and disobeying 'stained' law second.
It is this criminal political oppression - the denial of legitimate political opposition under color of law - that is so heinous. This kind of arrogant behavior and these attitudes are an extension of what went on in this city only a mere thirty eight years ago as KKK members, many without hoods, boldly beat American citizens of African ancestry in the downtown public slave market as law enforcement looked the other way. These current laws, and the selective enforcement of them, have simply replaced the white hoods and sheets of the sixties.
4. God and flag BANNED! Unbelievably, it is also presently against the law to draw the American flag, or sing "God Bless America", on Saint George street, in downtown Saint Augustine, one of the nation's oldest public forums. This ban was made in a law, 2000-03, passed the same day as the above law that restricts newspapers.
5. Arrogant disdain for freedom! Many Artists, musicians, and performers have been, and still are, harassed, threatened and stigmatized, in a whole range of ways, under color of law, by an arrogant police force and city administration. The city, through its City Manager, Bill Harriss, makes no secret of its disdain for "the make up of the people" who very patriotically stand up for their Constitutional freedoms in the city. Saint Augustine police officers arrogantly threaten those they size up as of lesser means and unable to defend themselves with; "I'm gonna run your ass out of town!"
6. No Indians allowed! Examples of selective enforcement and racism abound!
In spite of hundreds of harassments and arrests of many artists, musicians, and performers, (under a purposefully ambiguous city ordinance that prohibits 'performing'), city sanctioned 'ghost tour' employees, in actor's costumes, are regularly allowed to 'perform' as they dramatically quote historical figures of the past in their story telling.
At the same time they attract large crowds that "congest the prohibited public areas" and "pose a safety risk to the public and passers-by by congestion and clutter".
These are of course two of the contrived and disingenuous underlying rationales for creating this bogus, selectively enforced, protectionist law!
A little touch of irony here: One of these current ghost tour actors plays a cowboy. The irony is that Walter Benedict, who is a genuine and certified Abenaki Indian, was arrested and incarcerated at the Saint John's County Jail under this bogus ordinance for 'performing' as an Indian. Walter was in reality engaged in a legitimate political protest while dressed in his native American attire when he was cited. He was displaying enlarged copies of my newspapers and handing them out! [He has subsequently been run out of town!]
I could go on with countless examples of this type of injustice but I won't. There are many such examples of them documented in my newspapers.
The important lesson here is the process of the criminal abuse of color of law:
An endless string of purposefully ambiguous protectionist laws, based on contrived and disingenuous rationales, are willfully and knowingly created against the majority will of the public, and then criminally - selectively enforced and adjudicated.
7. Sad to say - they look the other way! Sadly, many public officials - including those in law enforcement - in Saint Augustine, Saint John's County, the State of Florida and the Federal government - yes even the FBI - have stood silent and looked the other way when made aware of the individual incidents reported about in the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog" newspaper, and the over fifteen year long, clearly delineated, pattern and practice of use of color of law to; deny opportunity, eliminate competition, control wages, rob you of your tax dollars and suppress political opposition. [That is the time frame documented in the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper. It has been going on a lot longer.] This is simple racketeering.
8. Common gangsters robbing you! Most important, morally, is that all of this criminal activity, perpetrated under color of law, represents a gross tyranny and subversion of the Constitution of the United States of America that affects all Americans to varying degrees by making mockery of our principles of liberty and justice and stealing your tax dollars. A great number of American citizens - the average resident worker and those with lesser means - who are the direct targets of this gangster activity, are virtually stripped of their rights of citizenship.
Thus denied their Constitutional rights these disenfranchised Americans are relegated to living under a system of de facto fascism. This has been going on in Saint Augustine, Florida for many, many, many, years.

It is simply wrong! Finally, to stand idly by and let such a small group of self serving, lowbrow, pin headed criminals, so blatantly denigrate the ideals and spirit of the Constitution of the United States of America, which so many Americans have given so much of themselves to make what it is today, would be unconscionable . . .

Why All This Tyranny And Oppression? Why Do They Do It?

Its Simple Really - Eliminate Competition & Control Wages! Its All About Money and MEpublican Baloney!

Saint Augustine's Sordid Unknown History . . .

[Read the following carefully. This is the process used to deny you and your loved ones opportunity and, not only control your wages, but your very existence. It will give you some insight as to the causes of many of the trials and tribulations in your life today.]

One for the 'haves', one for the 'have nots'! Unfortunately, in the realpolitik of America, there are two governments; one for those who have, and one for those who have not.
Similarly, in the realpolitik of Saint Augustine, Florida, (which bills itself as the nation's oldest city, and boasts being the home of the Fountain of Youth) there are also two histories;

1. A bogus history! One history - a selectively contrived and pretentious history - has been created by the greedy business community and their suck-up minions in government and mainstream media.
This ersatz history has been designed to appeal to tourists.
In the process of creating this bogus history (to ring their cash registers with tourist dollars), these self serving greedy merchants [who pose as Republicans] have virtually stolen and privatised the public property of the city so that the average residents and workers have become oppressed and lost many of their rights and Freedoms as citizens. [This is a hallmark of tourism as an industry (all across America) - it is essential to eliminate anything in the community that competes for the tourists time and money, i.e., parks, playgrounds, public beach access, community centers, street artists and musicians, etc. Tourism also requires a lot of money to advertise and attract customers. They use YOUR tax dollars! See top right side bar.] As such, these greedy MEpublicans have turned Saint Augustine into a virtual 'Tourist Factory' (read retail mall).
Presently it is no more than a lifeless corporate theme park where you virtually check your Civil Rights at the door.

2. A real history! The second history - the lesser known and genuine realpolitik history - is one of the tyranny and oppression suffered by the average city residents and workers of Saint Augustine as their Freedoms have been criminally and incrementally stripped away from them by the aforementioned self serving greedy business interests in the tourist industry and their corrupt minions in government.
Because this true and more compelling history also involves denial of First Amendment rights, it is also a history of the oppression of the Civil Rights of the millions of Americans who have visited the city.

It is this second history - of tyranny and oppression and the process of corruption of American government - that is what this Fountain of Baloney™ web site is all about.
Because this corruption is so blatantly transparent, and so well documented here in the city of Saint Augustine, it presents a unique opportunity to study and understand the process of corruption in American government. [
Bigoted attitudes of public officials are so arrogant here that they are not shy about expressing them on the public record. The current Mayor, Mark Alexander, has publicly boasted - at a city meeting mind you - "I have voted for bad law before and I will vote for it again!"

A plantation mentality! Rooted in the plantation mentality of the old south, this present day tyranny and subversion in Saint Augustine manifests itself in the on-going process of willfully and knowingly creating an endless string of purposefully vague, highly protectionist, unconstitutional, Jim Crow laws, that benefit only a greedy and insecure small group of un-American scum bags.
These bogus (and always declared unconstitutional) laws are then selectively enforced by their toady suck-up crooked cops.
As soon as one law is declared unconstitutional, another promptly replaces it. A local crooked judiciary rubber stamps the process with flimflam decisions that favor those who contribute to their political campaigns. Guess who that might be? That's right (now you are getting smart America) the local business special interests who pay to have them elected.

John Tanner sucks up! The office of John Tanner, the State Attorney, sucking up to his MEpublican gangster cronies, has been relentless in prosecuting those who have stood up for Freedom and disobeyed these corrupt, protectionist laws, that were enacted as a result of criminally gained political advantage!
Over time their has been an attrition of citizen will as those who resist these low life criminals are slowly stripped of their financial resources and emotional energy. They become bitter, frustrated, and angry acting out towards themselves and others.
Many are driven from the city, some to die.

Unbridled tax dollar tyranny! Those in power never have any regard for cost. This is because all litigation fees and settlements - win or lose - never come out of their pockets. It is paid for through various insurance and indemnification schemes funded with your tax dollars. [It should be noted here that this has become a favored modus operandi of the American business community. In effect the process renders the legal system useless for those with lesser means.]
The legal costs however are only the tip of the ice berg.
The real costs are the tragic impact these corruptly legislated laws - and the criminal, selective enforcement of them - have visited upon American society as a whole.
These impacts are far reaching and very damaging to all Americans;

You are enslaved! First and foremost these bogus laws, and their selective enforcement, prevent you from engaging in your Constitutionally guaranteed right to engage in the great American promise of Free Speech and free enterprise. By being denied your God given right to engage in basic bootstrap capitalism, you are unable to benefit from your own initiative, creativity, talent and hard work.
Denied this Constitutionally guaranteed right to gain economic self sufficiency you are left with the crumbs of minimum wage and low wage jobs or welfare.
There is a hypocritical and mean spirited irony here that should be noted;
It is the same crooked MEpublicans that make these transparently protectionist bogus laws - and at the same time provide the low paying, minimum and below minimum wage jobs - that also chastise those that are oppressed by these laws with admonitions about "personal responsibility" and hard work. What ass wipes they are! How transparently silly they look! What a joke! What vile behavior! What scum bags!
Here are some of the other resultant effects of this protectionist corruption that denies you and your loved ones your equal rights, opportunity and justice;
Free market forces are corrupted! The need for welfare is created. Yes that is correct. Welfare would not be necessary if people were truly FREE to work and not ENSLAVED by these self serving, protectionist laws that benefit only a few greedy MEpublicans. This is a gross corruption of free market forces!
You pay their 'business welfare'! The theft of your tax dollars to administer to the needs of the 'Tourist Factory' (it is in reality criminally acquired corporate welfare) leaves you with less money in your pocket at the end of the year. It is as if these greedy merchants went right into your wallet and stole the funds they use to advertise to bring their customers here (they call them visitors, how cute), and pay all of the other operating costs of the 'Tourist Factory'.
Civility and respect ends! The disrespect for all branches of government is created - legislators, judiciary and law enforcement. You won't see these real attitudes of people expressed in the mainstream media. However, the fact that thousands of citizens from all over America (city residents and tourists on Saint George street), were willing to wear a paper stick on protest badge that reads "Crooked City, Crooked Cops, Don't buy in greedy shops!", speaks volumes about the real feelings of people towards their government and especially the government of Saint Augustine! They are truly fed up with criminal, protectionist scams. How do I know? I passed many of these badges out and I still wear one.
The greatest cost! One of the most costly, and least obvious effects of this corruption, is the self doubt and anxiety created in those who are thus deceived. When you are subjected to this kind of deception, from those who smilingly pose as your friends and neighbors, it occupies your mind with the troubling thoughts of trying to adjust your kind and trusting nature with the misery of your reality and the lies being told. All of this leads to stress and a constant underlying uneasiness. Otherwise contented and good citizens act out either inwardly towards self; with drugs (legal and illegal), over eating, withdrawal, etc., or outwardly towards others; with crime, robbery, rape, murder, etc. Yes, this is the harsh reality of the effects of repressing people's spirits and freedoms, and denying them opportunity!

The effects of deception! If you have ever been deceived and cheated on by a lover, swindled out of your possessions by a con artist, or even robbed in the night by a burglar, you know the feeling of being left with emotional pain. The loss in dollars never seems to compare with the agony of this silent mental suffering. It leaves a wound that is slow to heal and that colors your entire life. The foundation of your very being, your trust, is shaken to its core and is replaced with anxiety, self doubt, and an all pervasive uneasiness.

The evil perpetrated against you causes you to be unsettled, less trusting, and change many of your behaviors as you try to rectify your loss and determine the part you played in it. Some losses are so great one never recovers. Many times the person who has caused the loss can not be identified. This only adds a deeper dimension to your anxiety. But in almost all cases the emotional severity of the loss is generally directly related to the trust you had initially with the individual(s) who perpetrated the crime against you.

When your loss is caused by agencies of your government that are supposed to be above and beyond reproach in their interactions with you; then your loss is greater and your trust is more deeply shaken!

It is my own personal belief that this deception by corrupt government, caused by self serving business interests, is a major cause of many of the ills in our society today!

Good people are not born with these societally debilitating anxieties and self doubts that cause them to behave in so many ways that are so negative to their well being. Those self doubts and anxieties are put upon them by those vile and deceptive corruptors among them, who smilingly pose as their friends and neighbors, and all the while, like cowardly weasels, are stealing from them.

Our children abused! It is especially painful and extremely sad to see these effects of hypocrisy and corruption visited upon children.

Many kids today who are insecure, overweight, throttled down by Ridlin, unhappy, feeling the pains of abandonment and the pressures of ever more oppressed parents, etc., never realize that it is those who deceptively and illegally take more than their fair share that are in reality responsible for their oppression and miseries! Yes, it is the self serving business community, and their crooked politicians, crooked judges, and crooked cops (who all the while are smiling and feigning righteous friendship as they teach them "character counts" and give them teddy bears in patently transparent formula PR programs), that are in reality responsible for their oppression and miseries!

The cause of the effect! It is these ignorant pinhead crooked losers that criminally create the conditions that drive those oppressed by them to crime. That's right; these self serving businesses that exist under criminally enacted protectionist laws, and; their crooked politicians, crooked judges, and crooked cops, cause and are responsible for much of the crime in America today!

A Look At Saint Augustine's Dirty Laundry!

The next page of this Fountain of Baloney™ web site, page two, is devoted to an exercise that will allow you to become keenly aware of the two systems of government I speak of; the one for those 'who have', and the one for those who 'have not'.

It is a simple exercise of reading selected issues of the Banned 'Saint Aug Dog' newspapers of the past four years, taking note of the criminal events described in them, and making yourself aware of the laws of the land that have been broken by agencies of government and not enforced!

This exercise is not only a chilling indictment of what is going on here in Saint Augustine, Florida, but also an alarm sounding indictment of American justice itself!

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 Stop Crime!

Jail Crooked Politicians, Crooked Judges and Crooked Cops!
 Crooked Politicians, Crooked Judges and Crooked Cops Cause Crime!
This is a PRO law enforcement site!

Honest law enforcement that is! That respects the Constitution and its Bill of Rights!

If you have ever wondered why your job sucks, why your pay is so low, and why you feel in your heart the system is run by crooks, read this web site, then go register to vote and run for office!
Isn't it wonderful when your local government legislates how, when and what you can publish! Below is from Saint Augustine, Florida, city ordinance 22-6.; enacted 13, March, 2000;

For the purposes of this section, 'newspapers of general circulation' means a publication published at regular intervals, primarily for the dissemination of news, intelligence and opinions on recent events or newsworthy items of a general character, and reaching all classes of the public.

Learn this now and learn it well: This is a purposefully ambiguous law and it was crafted to be selectively enforced!

It is the purposefully contrived ambiguity in corruptly legislated laws like this that facilitates the criminal and very chilling selective enforcement by a crooked judiciary and crooked law enforcement!

Shame on the business community of Saint Augustine, Florida!

Baloney Alert! Reveal the baloney and you expose the phoney!
Tourism - The take, take, take, industry!

Consider the following and learn it well, it is true . . .

The Saint Augustine 'Tourist Factory' sells entertainment and fun! These greedy businesses have a strong investment in eliminating anything that competes with their businesses! That means; your freedom, your entertainment, your fun in your public places!

They don't want - and will work to prevent - the following; free public piers, boat ramps, free parks, public singing and dancing, beach access, street artists, street performers, etc., anything that would distract a tourist from spending money in their businesses gets the ax with their crooked laws and outright corruption! You subsidize their business with your loss of your public lands and your freedom!

It is welfare for the businesses in the tourist industry! It is also welfare for businesses in all other industries because the resultant loss of your opportunity makes you available to work for them at a now artificially low wage!
Get the irony here? It is these same crooked MEpublican gangsters who bitch the loudest about the poor - the folks they have stolen from and denied their Constitutionally guaranteed opportunity and caused to be poor - getting welfare!

Liars! Thieves! Crooks! Scum bags!

The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand . . .
I don't want your stinking minimum wage job! I want my opportunity decriminalized!
A word about civility and respect . . .

You can respect someone who honestly defeats you in the rough and tumble of the political process.

You can not respect a low life weasel scum bag who defeats you with a criminal process!

Banning and confiscating newspapers is not a political process.

It is a criminal process!

Entering private property without a warrant to seize and impound newspapers and political displays is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Filing false affidavits in a Federal court proceeding is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Selective harassment, intimidation, and arrest of political opponents is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Holding secret shade meetings to further a private agenda and plan the denial of the Civil Rights of political opponents is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Willingly and knowingly using the color of law to create an endless string of self serving, unconstitutional, "bad law", that denies opportunity and oppresses people is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Exploiting the elderly and handicapped is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Retaliating against a victim, or informant is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Obstruction of justice is not a political process!

It is a criminal process!

Misuse of political office is not a political process !

It is a criminal process!

Tourism - The take, take, take, industry! If you want to own and control the public areas do what Walt Disney did.

Go buy your own land and build your own streets!

The MEpublican Party

Crooked Cops Cause Crime! Jail Crooked Cops!

Baloney Alert! Reveal the baloney and you expose the phoney . . .

They are stealing your lunch!

Want to get rid of the stress and anxiety in your life?

Get rid of your crooked politicians, crooked judges, and crooked cops!

Want to make a better future for your children?

Work to repeal phoney MEpublican protectionist laws!

Want to have equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal justice?

Get rid of loser judges that owe their corrupt existences to the business community!

Want to have honesty and respect in your life?

Demand it!