Its Official!

Finally! A solution to the bridge problem!

Bridge of Lions to be replaced with catapult!

Named after the city merchants it will be called 'The Great Greedo'!


'The Great Greedo' in action!

 The Fountain of Baloney™ scoops the toady suck-up main stream infomercial media again!

'The Great Greedo' - everybody benefits . . .

Its historically correct! The Spanish used catapults to throw dead bodies into the Atlantic Ocean!
SAPD can use it! The SAPD can use the new catapult to shoot the poor and homeless out of town! Secret night time launches will blast them north into Ponte Vedre.
Makes a great T-shirt! This T-shirt will put Saint Greedystine on the map!
Bye! Bye! Mother in law! Great way to get rid of a troublesome mother in law. Simply bribe the 'The Great Greedo' operator!
Get rid of crooked politicians! Double the steam pressure and they can be launched 200 miles off shore!
300 vehicles per minute! No more traffic tie ups! At peak traffic periods 'The Great Greedo' will be able to shoot 300 vehicles every minute!

Coming Soon . . .

All kinds of fun stuff!

Artists & Performers United!

Artist Contact Index!

Forces of Freedom™ Tyranny fighting machines!

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