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1. Illuminate to eliminate.

Unknown News

2. Learn! Learn! Learn!

Self-Directed Learning

3. Examine your values.

World Values Survey

4. Value Based Boycotts!


5. Strive to be self directed.

Institute For Local Self-Reliance

6. Election Reform!

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7. "Our Sacred Honor"

we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor

Power concedes nothing without demand! Those who have neglected the duties of good citizenship, for what ever reason, bear full responsibility, for the incremental loss of our freedoms and the theft of the fruits of our labors that is going on in America today.

Those simple duties of good citizenship ignored in the past have now become the struggle of today.

This struggle ignored today, can and will, become the more tyrannical enslavement of your future!

By not fulfilling your patriotic obligation to the politics of America in the past you have allowed those criminals who have hijacked our government for there own selfish ends to attain great power. Left unchecked, this power will only become more tyrannical. That criminal power must be eliminated. Those who malinger and hope and dream of change without involvement are fools.

It never did and it never will . . . . Consider these words of Frederick Douglas, a former slave, spoken in 1857:

Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reforms. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of struggle . . . . . If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will . . . .

And this from the poet Shelly . . .

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many; they are few!

Operation Take Back America

A 24/7 Patriotism of Integrity

Strategy For Freedom.

July, 4, 2002


'Operation Take Back America' is a "living" concept, meant to evolve through the suggestions of all Americans.

Started by the publisher of the BANNED & CONFISCATED newspaper, the 'Saint Aug Dog', in Saint Augustine, Florida, its goal is to restore American freedoms that have been lost as a result of self serving protectionist corruption of American government at all levels.

The 'Saint Aug Dog' story, and the accounts of the trials and tribulations of the many street artists, musicians, performers, and countless thousands of other American citizens - who have lost their Constitutional freedoms in Saint Augustine, Florida - can be found on the Fountain of Baloney™ web site created by the publisher of the BANNED newspaper.

Suggestions for improving 'Operation Take Back America' can be made at the Fountain of Baloney™ web log entitled Baloneyspeak™.

The Strategy For Freedom Is As Follows;

1. Illuminate to eliminate.

Illuminate to eliminate! Follow the credo of the Fountain of Baloney™ - "Reveal the baloney and you expose the phoney™". When you don't know who is screwing you, and how you are being screwed, you will never be able to do anything about it. In order to eliminate corruption it must first be revealed!

Realize that the corruptors among us work hard to keep you uninformed and confused in order to maintain their control. This is done in a great variety of ways, but primarily by managing the information that you are exposed to through control of the main stream media and your public airwaves. Self serving business interests have gained control of the main stream media through the influence of their advertising dollars and out right purchase and creation of media outlets; newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, cable outlets, etc.,

A more insidious control has been gained through elimination and relaxation of existing regulations and the creation of new protectionist legislation by corruptly influencing government. A key element in this 'grand theft' of your media has been the incremental - and therefore difficult to notice - way in which it has occurred. These corrupt self serving business interests and their crooked minions in government have been at work for a long time. Become aware of who really owns what media. Follow the money.

Realize the influence of this corruption! Realize also that you are today a product of this corrupt and biased main stream infomercial media that is most notable for what it omits, as opposed to what it includes. This business owned and controlled infomercial media has formed many of your viewpoints and behaviors and made you what they want you to be.

We have become a nation of logo lemmings. We dutifully eat, sleep, drink, and live, the features and benefits of our ever more homogenized logo products as we march to the edge of the cliff of our aggregate anonymity. We know more about our mascara, more about how many layers of cheese in the latest iteration of our burgers, more about how we will be the "envy of everyone in your neighborhood" if we buy so and so, then we do about the true workings of our government, and the fraud, corruption, and waste that is going on.

Our patriotism has been reduced to on command, holiday, and special event flag waving. Voter turn out is now a shameful tragedy.

Realize what has been purposefully omitted by these obsequious, pandering, media, lap dogs!

Change requires acceptance! Yes indeed, it is, a form of brainwashing and you have absorbed it - and are a product of it - whether you admit to it or not!

Because this is such an ego thing with all of us it is very difficult to accept. It is hard for us to believe that we have been duped. It is especially difficult because those who have perpetrated this deception have so cleverly concealed themselves in the ideals and principles of a great nation and smilingly posed as our friends, neighbors and mentors. We must accept this fact however if we are ever to make meaningful changes in our lives.

American freedom for many Americans, because of these criminal posers among us, has now become no more than a very carefully crafted illusion. A clever ruse. You must reveal the hypocrisy and corruption that will shatter that illusion and restore your individual freedom and lost opportunity. America today stands on the precipice of tyranny. It is an internal tyranny of corruption. It is your patriotic duty to get involved, expose this corruption, and speak out loudly and clearly to eliminate it.

Your future, and the future of your loved ones, depends on your actions now.

Blow that whistle! Insist on open and honest regulation in all branches of government! Insist on double jail time for those who violate the public trust!

2. Learn! Learn! Learn!

Seek alternative sources of information; Realizing the truth in number one above, (that mainstream media, and the publicly controlled distribution of it, have been incrementally taken over by self serving business interests) seek alternative sources of information. Get on the internet. Learn! Learn! Learn! Do not believe everything you read. Be skeptical. Know that all of history is recorded by those who control the pens of the scribes. Correspond with fellow citizens in other localities and build networks of information. Be alert to falsely planted conspiracy theories. Verify facts. Recognize the difference between facts and opinions. Every day is a new day. Every day is a day to learn something new.

Smokescreen politics; Set your priorities in learning. Avoid the pitfalls of expending your energies in smokescreen politics set out by the business owned, pundit lap dogs, in mainstream media. Their silly ass 'left' vs. 'right', liberalism vs. conservatism, etc. vs. etc., label wars are intentionally designed to keep your eyes off of the ball of their master's corruption and create the illusion of a responsive two party system. It is a one party system in America! The protectionist Repubocrats represent business interests only! If you must have an 'ism' to define what is going on use 'Corruptionism'! Realize that their pundit lap dogs create this diversionary decoy, this smoke screen, by using highly abstract words and terms that they have purposefully imbued with emotionally charged, inflammatory, self serving, and manipulative meanings. Note how all discussions, when they get too close to the heart and substance of the specific corruption of their masters, are deftly deflected and turned to these energy dissipating decoys of generalized political pap, or, even worse, childishly deflected by pointing out a greater corruption on the illusory 'other' side.

Focus on the root cause; Learn the basic differences between political systems and economic systems, and how the lines get intentionally blurred by those who wish to confuse you to control you. Consider who pays for this diversionary camouflage and really benefits. Follow the money. Do not get mired down in these energy dissipating smokescreens of debating B, C, D, E, etc., (discussions of ideology and programs) when resolving A (the corruption) will clearly eliminate the need for such B, C, D, E, etc., efforts. Stay focused on learning who is really stealing your lunch.

Said another way; When the house is on fire you do not let someone suck you into a discussion about changing wallpaper. You put out the fire. Similarly, when your government is so corrupt that it is not responsive, you do not let someone suck you into discussing ideology or programs. You eliminate the corruption that is emptying your bank account!

Will it really matter whether or not you are a liberal or a conservative, or if the ten commandments are hung in the local library - when you are broke - and the library is closed because your tax dollars have been stolen? When you become 100% focused on food, clothing and shelter to survive; will you really care as much about these smokescreen, cover up "issues"? Pay attention!

Stay focused on the protectionist corruption and eliminating it! This will also eliminate many of the problems debated in these disingenuous decoy label wars. It will in fact eliminate the need for alternative ideologies and programs!

Learn why honest and open regulation is essential; Our American Constitution, with its Bill of Rights, is without equal in the world! Capitalism, when conducted honestly and fairly, is the quintessential economic system. [For all my good friends who lean in the anti-capitalist direction, please note the qualifying words - when conducted honestly and fairly!] The world is full of crooks only because we let them get away with it.

Charlatans have been with us since the beginning of time. Study their methods and ways. Learn that their first rule is to always tell people what they want to hear. Admit that you have been sucked in by their soothing and disingenuous words. We have allowed these unprincipled hucksters in America to perfect their skills and flourish as in no other time in history. Corruption has become a virtual epidemic in America today! Daily, more and more of us are affected by it.

We have been lulled to sleep by these con men among us who have clothed themselves in our sacred ideals and principles of private ownership and freedom only to confuse us and break our trust. "Regulation is against the principles of liberty!", they exclaim, "Trust me!"

Would you travel on our highways if there were no rules and regulations? Of course not!

Similarly we need rules and regulations of conduct in all other areas of society. Honest and open regulations with equitable oversight are essential to the workings of any society. With out them we would have chaos. They are a necessary and benefit producing trade off that one accepts in becoming a member of a society.

Note the qualifying words! Honest and open regulations with equitable oversight! That is what has been corrupted! That is what must be restored!

Our government exists to guarantee our freedom, not take it away. When rules and regulations are made they should be created in a just and equitable democratic fashion - not by corrupt government at the behest of disingenuous special interests!

All ideals and principles must ultimately stand up to the measure of open and honest public scrutiny. Open and honest regulation with equitable oversight is essential! It is a mechanism that when exercised honestly in a society builds trust in that society.

Conversely, when that process is corrupted, it is cause for mistrust and societal decay!

Teaching is fun; Help others to learn, it will reinforce your own knowledge and at the same time lighten the load for all of us. Learn the true unsullied meanings of words. Learning with others is enjoyable. Bring just one person to a public library and show them how to get on the internet. Ask in payment for your help that they show another how to do the same. Ignorance is the heaviest element in the universe!

Heighten your awareness; Notice what information takes a back seat to the current sports news and the inside of Katy Couric's colon. Notice the distractions that benefit the few. A little over a hundred and fifty years ago the population of the earth was only a billion people. The population of the earth today is presently about six billion people. We will add another four billion in the next forty years. Ponder the ramifications of this, your knowledge about it, and the part you play in it. Set the priorities of your own learning and what you will allow into your head. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and control your own reality.

3. Examine your values.

Know who you really are! Be sure the values you live by are your values, and not the values of others put upon you by those who wish to control you. Realize: You are not born with a religion, or values, or a political belief. You are born into them and they are impressed upon you by those around you as you go through life.

Religions were the paramount political systems of the past. As such they champion and put forth many good values, they also however put forth many values that are controlling, oppressive, and based in; myth, magic, and fiction. They are also frequently corrupted to serve the selfish and sometimes twisted interests of only a few disingenuous, biased, and in many cases, criminal leaders.

Our American Revolution recognized this fact with its hallmark separation of church and state. Be skeptical of promises of pie in the sky when you die. Self deception is a weakness. Remember that charlatans are very skilled at telling you what you want to hear.

Examine the value systems of others! Be aware of the vast differences in the "bottom line" values of the world of business interests as opposed to those values held highest by families, i.e., love, sharing and sacrifice. Realize that businesses live and die by the bottom line, families do not.

Note that many social and governmental organizations have values and codes of conduct that differ from the rest of society. The mafia has a silent (unwritten) code of conduct called 'omerta'. It is a code that demands private vengeance and that members never rat each other out.

American law enforcement has a similar code; the blue code of silence, whereby each officer silently commits to not ratting out his brother or sister officer. Do you think their should be more civilian police review boards and this blue code of silence ended?

What other societal groups have their own codes? Follow the money!

Develop your own values; Consider well this maxim, "You are what you've been through, but now and the future are up to you!" You can change your life in a heart beat by simply changing your viewpoint and your behavior. You are in control - take charge of your life, your future and the future of your loved ones! Retain those values that serve you well and honor the spirits of others - discard those that diminish you and dishonor others.

Be discriminating of those you esteem as mentors. Do you really admire that person that makes millions at the expense of others due to favoritism bestowed by protectionist laws, and then flaunts that wealth, in a society that has millions of poor and homeless caused by that same protectionist greed? Notice the insecurity of, and who signs the pay checks of, those who champion this inequity. Notice how the 'haves' benefit from those who 'have not' by a minimum wage but never speak of a maximum wage. Notice the difference between a legal right and a moral right. There are many real heroes in America. Find them and model their behaviors. Celebrate their efforts. Follow your heart. If you are blessed with children or a significant other in your life hug them now! Tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

4. Value Based Boycotts!

Pocket Power! More power than a rocket, its the money in your pocket. I call it Pocket Power! Think of it as a vote every time you spend. You can "vote" with it every day. Exercise your new commitment to a "24/7 patriotism of integrity" by considering the total true cost value of the products and services you buy. What human and physical resources went into providing the products you purchase. Was everyone involved justly compensated? Were environmental impacts considered and compensated for fairly?

Reality and cause and effect! I am always amazed at the great number of rich in dollars but poor in spirit individuals (who have gained their wealth in great part at the expense of others owing to protectionist laws), who bitch and moan about how little control they have in life. In spite of corruptly taking way more than their fair share from society, they bemoan the sorry condition of the world and the poverty of their fellow humans, yet they insist on living in 6000 square foot plus homes, owning two BMW's, and having a fifty foot plastic boat at a marina. This represents a real disconnect with reality and cause and effect.

When a morally bankrupt individual pees in the pool without compensating for his or her slovenly habits then it is they that have caused the sorry condition of the pool and caused it to become unfit to swim in.

It is all about priorities and voluntarily [please note this word voluntarily] recognizing the moral value of good stewardship of both physical and human resources and the limitations of those resources.

One can not put ten pounds of crap in a five pound bag no matter how hard one tries or how earnestly Rush Limbaugh, cheerleader for unbridled American greed, declares that it is possible. You must first increase the capacity of the bag or you will quite naturally have crap all over the place!

Immoral consumption is one thing, eliminating its effects are another matter!

If those who are guilty of these immoral slovenly excesses (that have been made possible in great part by the advantages gained through corrupt legislation), insist on continuing them; then those around them who are experiencing the effects of their excesses, have a societal right - an obligation - to limit those excesses!

Shirked responsibility must be imposed! If those affected by those excesses do not have the means to limit them through their government, because that government is owned, controlled, and rendered unresponsive by those who are engaging in these excesses, than those affected must seek alternative means to curb these slovenly individuals.

It is their 'tough love' - patriotic duty - to curb these excesses.

Yes my friends. Boycotts! Pocket Power!

Spend your values! You do not have to socialize with, or buy from, those who are responsible for the loss of your Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. You do not have to support with your hard earned money those who have greedily and criminally; denied you opportunity, robbed you of your tax dollars to fund their businesses, fixed your prices, controlled your wages, taken more than their fair share, and oppressed you politically.

Work to reveal them and their activities and do not support them! Shun them.

Always consider alternatives. If you can not find alternatives consider starting an alternative company that will hold high socially conscious values and fairly and honestly provide the service or product that you need. Join with others in these efforts and form buying unions. Rate all products with respect to how well they have respected the human and physical resources that went into producing them.

Personal alternatives! Consider what you can do personally for alternatives. As a kid my family had a victory garden (yes, I'm WWII vintage), we preserved everything in mason jars, even wild blueberries that we went off into the swampy woods as a family and gathered. We even made our own root beer. I remember these undertakings as richly rewarding experiences - fun - and yes, even a pain in the ass sometimes, but the memories are still with me; the beauty of the dew drop covered plants in the garden at the break of day in late spring, the smell of the freshly turned soil, picking lettuce in mid summer at noon time for a garden salad, smelling all of the cooking smells in the preserving process, the shelves in the cellar at the end of fall, loaded and ready with all kinds of goodies to face and stave off the rigors of winter; jams, marmalade, green beans, peppers, etc., and then sitting around the dining room table in mid winter, eating those blueberry pies, as the snow swirled around the windows outside.

Impractical? Far fetched? Depends on your current situation. For many yes, for many no. Consider what binds you and let that be your motivation to make positive changes in your life and be more discerning in the future.

You have the key in your pocket! The key here is that Pocket Power, unlike your vote, can be exercised every day, it is a 24/7 opportunity, so vote with it every day! Shop your values! Buy your values! Shun those products and individuals that have greedily taken more than their fair share, oppressed you, and denied you your freedom. Purchase those that honor your spirit and the spirits of others.

IMPORTANT: Memorize this; Considering the realpolitik in America today; Pocket Power is many, many, many, times more powerful than your vote. And it works for you (you can vote with it) every day!

It is a key force in regaining your freedom and opportunity! Use it! Start today!

5. Strive to be self directed.

A healthy balance! There is a healthy balance between dependence and interdependence. Teamwork is a positive attribute of human kind, being a cog in a wheel is not. Learn to recognize the difference and realize that teams get traded, sold and disbanded. The self reliant individual will not be affected. Go with your heart. Again this is all about values.

Recognize who is selling you the team concept. Would your children be better served in a highly structured and controlled little league environment that is colored with the biases of parental interference and instills those values, or might they not be be better off left to their own devices and the joys of childhood to determine for themselves, and with their friends, what they might play and how to go about structuring that play?

Become more self reliant! Vary your interests and learn to do a variety of things well. Learn a musical instrument, develop drawing and painting skills. Provide your own entertainment. Do not become reliant on having a 'job', become reliant on yourself.

Stop 'networking', and instead, start making friends!

Balance your life. Consider the broad brush areas: family, friends, career, spiritual, hobbies, etc. Do not expend your energies all in one area. This ties in with number two above; learn, learn, learn! Learn what other opportunities are available and try them out. Do not be afraid to try new things.

Focus on cause and effect and processes. Control your spending. Many of the things we purchase today are in reality 'feel good' purchases made only to offset and help us cope with the underlying anxiety caused by the incremental erosion of our freedoms caused by those who take more than their fair share. Many of us get so indebted that we get locked into a position and are unable to make changes. This is only a form of self imprisonment. Consider who holds the key.

Set measurable goals! Many times we never make any progress in life because we simply have not taken the time to sit down and write out what it is that we want to achieve. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. goals in all areas of your life. It does help if you put these goals in writing. The process of writing them out causes you to crystallize your thinking, spell out clearly what you want, and focus your efforts. Set up a small bulletin board reminder system to keep yourself on track. I have a goal to repeal the laws that ban art, music, and newspapers, in Saint Augustine, Florida, and see that the crooks that are involved in all of the criminal activity surrounding these bogus laws go to jail!

6. Election Reform!

Reform is needed! Kiss your voter registration card! If you do not have one, be ashamed, and go get one right now! Register to vote today. Whether you realize it or not, - it is your ticket to freedom!

Yes our system of voting is corrupted - but it can be fixed - and ultimately fair and honest voting is essential to your freedom.

As it stands today, our system of voting is not responsive to the will of the people, especially in large city, state and federal elections. The one party Repubocrats, that in reality represent only business interests, have corrupted the system and they are firmly in control. This is why we have such a lack of participation in elections. It is not due to apathy. It is due to the fact that the vast majority of Americans recognize the gross corruption that exists in the system and the limited choice of candidates and platforms. They see clearly the greedy self serving influence of business interests and their money. They choose not to participate. Many are intimidated by and sensitive to their employment situations and they play the 'I am what the boss is' game.

Injustices in the election process abound. I will not go into all of them at this time. Do your own research. Post your results with demands for improving the system. Follow the money and you will attain a firm understanding of the corruption in the American election process and the reform required. This exposing of the corruption will be the first step in meaningful reform and making the system more responsive to the will of the people.

Your focus then must be reform! It will require a three point effort. Focus on use of the internet for all three . . .

1. Reveal and eliminate the corruption in the election process! This is the first step in making meaningful change! Begin revealing that corruption now and soon your vote can and will make a difference. The key is to expend the brunt of your focused energies on revealing, documenting, and eliminating the many inequities in the election process. This effort must be kept center stage and reform demanded on a twenty four seven basis! Be leery of major system changes. 'Representitive' democracy can work. It is the corruption that is crippling the process now! Counter the hypocritical voices of those that extol the virtues of this sham and lull your fellow citizens to sleep.

2. Register to vote! In conjunction with step one above, people must be registered to vote. They must be poised and ready when, and as, reforms are made and honest reform oriented candidates get on ballots. This is a grass roots effort here. Show others how to register and help them do it. Make them understand the 'twenty four seven concept of the politics of integrity' and the long term effort and value involved. We will all be living in America next year and the years to come. In payment for your help ask them to register someone else. If you need a space to work go to your town hall, library, post office, etc. Drive people to the voter registration office. You will meet many good people who do care about America and individual liberty.

3. Run for office! Get candidates on the ballot. Again, begin now. Focus on local elections. Forget the large city, state and federal elections until the corruption that makes getting on their ballots so insurmountable is removed from the system.

Getting on the ballot for many local offices is easiest, and, in many cases, just getting on the ballot can, and will, get you elected.

It is a 24/7 effort! Stop thinking November, many races, because ballots have to be prepared, have cut off dates in July and August. Many run off elections are in September. Change your thinking, politics is a year round process, it is 24/7!

Like any undertaking it requires good solid planning and perseverance. The rewards are there however. It is called pent up demand. If ever America was receptive to good honest populist candidates, it is now. Yes! Even at the local level!

Maintain your resolve! Many people are now well aware that there is presently only one party in America - the self serving Repubocrats - that represents self serving business interests only! Don't get suckered in by them, look at their track record and realize how in reality they do serve only business interests. They dole out mere crumbs and never get to eliminating the protectionist laws that prevent free enterprise and repress you. [If you are a life long Democrat or Republican and still feel your party offers hope for your freedom, please go back to step two above.] United, we vastly out number these tyrannical con artists who have hidden themselves in our ideals of liberty and freedom and so arrogantly devalued our great Constitution and its Bill Of Rights with their protectionist laws.

Use the internet to communicate your candidacy to others. Support the candidacy of other kindred spirits.

Your platform is freedom! Your platform is a simple one. Your platform is freedom and repeal of protectionist laws that favor the few! Your platform is to eliminate corruption and jail crooked politicians, crooked judges and crooked cops! Your platform is open and honest regulation and equitable oversight of all facets of government! Your platform is equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal justice! Do not sway from it.

You can do it! Don't let those who say you must have business experience to represent your friends and neighbors in government stop you. That is baloney and those who say it should not be voted for and/or their opinions should be ignored. Remember that a great part of oppressing you is to make you feel inadequate! All government offices; local, county, state and federal, have in place, legions of civil service experts that can, and will, advise you on how to implement the programs that your constituents will elect you to put in place. Many of these civil servants in government are also fed up with the hypocrisy and corruption of their present political 'leaders'. They too would welcome a new and honest direction in America. Do not be intimidated. You can do it!


7. "Our Sacred Honor"

Used and abused -its why we're confused!

"Our sacred honor." I don't know how many Americans that read this 'Strategy for Freedom' will recognize these three words or their significance. I would guess not many. They were published 226 years ago today, July 4, 1776. They are the last three words in our Declaration of Independence.

Here is the complete last sentence;

"And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

All that is right, all that is wrong! I focus on this passage, and specifically these last three words of it, today, on this 226th anniversary of America as a nation, for a very specific reason: It is my belief that these three simple and straight forward words not only embody the essence of all that is right about America, and all that has made it such a great and powerful nation today, but they also, ironically, highlight and bring attention to all that is wrong with America today. We have strayed, and as a nation, lost sight of the spirit and meaning embodied in these words:

Our sacred honor is our ethical conduct, our honesty, the value of our word to guarantee the performance of our personal integrity and our commitment to do as we say we will do.

It is the fundamental basis of our trust and our faith in each other.

That faith and trust has become stretched to the limit. We are all to blame. We have all allowed the charlatans among us to defile their meaning.

Don't believe me? Google search these words 'our sacred honor'. See what you get.

High on the list you will find Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett, superhoes for big business, self serving, me first, I've got mine, you go get yours, protectionist conservatism. Their immoral, greed justifying message, is hidden and wrapped so tightly in an absurdly illogical desecration of the sacred ideals and principles of 'our sacred honor', that you wonder how these master charlatans are able to live with themselves.

But lets be honest with ourselves . . . what of our own illogical desecrations?

Honest self reflection! If we all stop and do a little soul searching here, and are extremely honest with ourselves, we will have to admit that this concept of "our sacred honor" has fallen by the wayside, not only in our government and in American business and their dealings with us and the rest of the world, but in many of our own personal lives as well. We have all played a part in allowing this valuable concept to be diminished. We are all guilty of jerking each other around to varying degrees.

It has to stop!

It is time to reflect on those failings of our sacred honor and the part we as individuals have played in that failing. At the same time we must renew our commitment to the rightness and value of the ethical conduct expressed in that sacred honor.

In step one above I stated the following;

"America today stands on the precipice of tyranny. It is an internal tyranny of corruption. It is your patriotic duty to get involved, expose this corruption, and speak out loudly and clearly to eliminate it. Your future, and the future of your loved ones, depends on your actions now."

I believe in my heart that this is true.

It is why I feel we need this renewed '24/7 patriotism of integrity'.

This effort of improving 'our sacred honor' must be a full time process. It will require a change in your political awareness.

Change your thinking! This commitment will require that you stop thinking of politics as a dirty word and recognize that politics is the process whereby you claim and maintain the rights bestowed upon you by Divine Providence as an individual and a free person. And - that if you shirk that responsibility - or simply write a check in an attempt to transfer that responsibility to another, you will lose those rights and all of those blessings of being a free person. Just as sure as the sun rises in the east, some one will steal your lunch, and you will have no one but yourself to blame for it! Maintaining your freedom is not a once every two or four years process. It requires a full time commitment.

Face the truth! It also requires that you face the truth and recognize that those who smilingly pose as your friends and neighbors - many of those who control your government now - have in reality been lying to you and illegally using the color of law to oppress you. Many of them really are criminals that do belong in jail. They have openly, purposefully, and arrogantly, ignored the sworn oaths of their positions, and participated in a deceitful and outright criminal abuse of your legislative process.

They have defiled their sacred honor.

Recognize the self serving! You must also see clearly the self serving greed in the business interests of America. It is their chamber of commerce groups, lobbies, and advocates, that are responsible for the myriad of protectionist laws in America today that deny you opportunity and keep you and those you love enslaved. It is they who have unjustly purchased and control your government so as to deceive you and rob you of your honest labors. Their deceitful and unregulated privatization schemes have stripped you of your public resources and forums and served to isolate you and diminish your voices. These self serving business interests have failed miserably in their rightful responsibility for the good stewardship of the physical and human resources that go into the products and services that they provide.

They too have defiled their sacred honor.

We must impose that good stewardship with open and honest regulation and equitable oversight of all facets of government!

A time for renewal! United we stand, divided we fall. This time worn, tired, and overworked cliche still manages to express great wisdom. It is wisdom that might well be heeded now. It is a matter of us all simply taking positive action and moving in the same direction.

Key to that action, just as it was 226 years ago today, will be that we all renew and reinvigorate our mutual pledge to each other of "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

Make a personal commitment now to a renewed spirit of patriotism - a 24/7 patriotism of integrity - that will not let injustice stand. Realize this truism; if one among us is oppressed, we are all oppressed, and our great ideal of equal rights, equal opportunity and equal justice has failed.

Realize also that freedom is not free, it takes enjoyable and rewarding hard work, and sometimes great sacrifice, to obtain and maintain it.

Know this; when you honor the spirits of those who have given of themselves for the cause of freedom, with your own personal commitment - your sacred honor - to maintaining that freedom, you also honor your own spirit and the spirits of future generations. . .

Get started now, spread the word, together we can make America a country we can all be proud of . . . Life's great! Stay Busy! Have Fun! Remember your Pocket Power!

© Warren Celli. 2002. All rights reserved.

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