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About the name of this site; Baloneyspeak™. Yes, it is a take off on Orwell's 'doublespeak' which Webster defines as: "language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth." An apropos name I thought for the public dialogue section of the Fountain of Baloney™ web site. Revealing the baloney - the deception, the concealment, the misrepresentation - is what this site is all about.

About Crooked Politicians. Crooked Judges, and Crooked Cops!

To willfully steal from someone; to purposefully oppress them and cause them hardship and even their deaths - for mere personal gain - is a heinous and low life crime.

But even more heinous; to do this while smilingly posing as that individual's friend, neighbor, and sworn public servant, is the crime of a morally twisted, deeply insecure, psychopathic loser piece of human puke that belongs behind bars.

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11/21/03: Baloneyspeak discontinued:

I have discontinued this portion of the Fountain of Baloney web site. The below information will be left here for its relevance to other pages on the site and its historical value.

11/28/02: Thanksgiving. Three items in this post:

1. An email 'Letter of Petition' to the newly elected City Commissioners and Mayor.
2. BOYCOTT information.
3. Happy Holidays from the 'Saint Aug Dog' and the Fountain of Baloney™.

1. An Open 'Letter of Petition' To Don Crichlow, George Gardner and Errol Jones;

Congratulations on your successful candidacies.
As future Commissioners of the City of Saint Augustine (and Mayor, in the case of Mr. Gardner) I look forward to you fulfilling your campaign promises of a more open and honest government.
To be blunt I personally am very skeptical of your intentions to fulfill your pledge of an open and honest government.
My skepticism is based on your reluctance, during your campaigns, to discuss publicly the issues of corruption and gross political oppression raised on my web site [] and by many other citizens, including another City Commission candidate, Roger Jolley.
I have been assured however by many of my fellow citizens, who are less skeptical than myself, that you are all individuals of good character, your intentions are honorable, and you will fulfill those campaign promises.
In that spirit, and in the spirit of healing and restoring a sense of community in Saint Augustine, I respectfully request that you act on the following;
FOR IMMEDIATE RELIEF: 1. Repeal the laws that ban art, music, and newspapers in the city of Saint Augustine, specifically: 2000-09, and 2000-41 [2000-03]
TO RESTORE FAITH IN YOUR GOVERNMENT: 2. Authorize a full and complete independent investigation, by a seven member citizen review panel, of all allegations of official misconduct surrounding the past practices of creating and enforcing the laws noted above and prior laws of similar intent.
I also request that one of you, preferably Mayor elect Gardner, publicly read this letter into the record at the first city commission meeting that you gentleman preside over.
Warren Celli

In good faith I have sent the above letter, by email, to Don Crichlow, George Gardner and Errol Jones. I have been asked by others to refrain from criticism of them at this point and to give them an opportunity to show their integrity. I reluctantly agreed, and that is why I sent them this letter with its petition.

Meanwhile I encourage those of you who still believe in these gentleman, and the responsiveness of local government, to circulate and get signatures on the above petition. If you think they are going to take action without a lot of prodding from the public you are wrong! The reality and shame of the situation is that so many passionate advocates of restoring true First Amendment rights to the city have been driven off and are long gone or dead. You will all have to work harder as a result.

This is definitely a time to show courage and speak out. A time to stop being so timid and downtrodden. A time to recapture and invigorate your diminished spirits. If you value your American freedom and your future you will do so. If you do nothing you will live with the curse of self blame forever.

We really need to clear the air in Saint Augustine if we want to restore a true feeling of community and a balance in the city that honors residents and workers as well as the self serving un-American business interests that comprise the Tourist Factory.

Those who's actions are in agreement with their words, and profess to honor the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and honesty in government, should have no problem getting on board with this petition and this effort.

You can send the petition by clicking on the following highlighted and underlined type. It will open your email program for you and a blank email, pre addressed to city hall, will appear on your screen. You can copy and paste the petition from this page or simply type in your own message. Do it now, you will be proud of yourself that you did. 'I support the FREEDOM PETITION'.

2. BOYCOTT Information;

Crooked City! Crooked Cops!
Don't Buy In Greedy Shops!
I will not spend a great deal of time myself gathering signatures on the above petition. I will leave that to those of you who still believe that your government is responsive and receptive to petitions. Rather I will work to engage others in, and move forward, the 'Pocket Power™' BOYCOTT concept.
I have posted it on the ACLU page. I am submitting it to the ACLU for consideration for adoption as a national program.
But . . . you do not have to wait!
You can all participate right now here in Saint Augustine by NOT SPENDING your hard earned dollars with greedo Saint George Street merchants who have stolen your freedoms and created the conditions that have; fixed prices, eliminated competition, denied opportunity, oppressed political opposition, corrupted your cops, insured themselves a cheap and intimidated labor supply, and contributed greatly to the despair and hopelessness that causes crime.
These greedy merchants are not nice people!
You do not have to support their greed with your hard earned money!
You do not have to do business with them.
Instead, buy your xmas gifts from those who have been put out of work. Or have an old fashioned xmas and make your own gifts. This is a great time to revisit and reestablish your own personal values.
It will not only be fun for you, your friends, and your family, but it will also be good for America!
In keeping with the Christmas season you will also be honoring the spirits of those who, like John Victor Powers and his little dog Ewokee, were driven from the city and are no longer with us!
May their spirits rest in peace . . .
BOYCOTT Saint Augustine!
End the Ban on Art, Music & Newspapers!


3. Happy Holidays from the 'Saint Aug Dog' and the Fountain of Baloney™ . . .
Thanksgiving and the holiday season is a time to reflect on what we all as individuals have to be thankful for. It is a time to gather with friends and family and celebrate the many positive things in our lives.
This current holiday season will end in a little less than five weeks with the New Years Eve celebration. New Years Eve is a special holiday that accentuates and signifies a new beginning. It is a celebration of resolve and renewal.
Many of us, having reflected on our past during the holiday season, make resolutions based on those reflections and vow to make improvements in our lives.
I would like to draw your attention to that process now - that process of renewal and resolving to do better in the future - in order to plant a few seeds of thought for consideration during your holidays.
A few things to think about that might stimulate your thinking as you formulate your New Years resolutions;
freedom . . . equality . . . love . . . firing the city manager and the city attorney . . . sharing . . . honor . . . getting rid of crooked cops . . . courage . . . values . . . hiring a fact checker at the Saint Augustine Wreckit . . . and most importantly, honoring the sacrifice of those Americans who have given of their lives for freedom . . .
Enjoy the holidays . . .
Warren Celli