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BOYCOTT Proposal for the ACLU

Abstract: The ACLU should adopt nationally, as its dominant means for maintaining and reclaiming Civil Rights, a program of highly focused BOYCOTTS. This program would be called 'Pocket Power™'. In essence it would be a value based spending program that would celebrate and direct the public's spending to those businesses that honor Civil Liberties and withhold it from those who do not. The program would provide education and implementation methods and would feature use of the public forum and the internet as a primary means to communicate information, petitions of grievances, etc.

All other ACLU methods of seeking change should be made sub dominant to this 'Pocket Power™' approach.

Premise: This proposal assumes that one has worked through many of the illusions about freedom and Civil Rights in America and agrees in general with the following;

1. Legislative Bodies - The political process in American government has been incrementally lost to the average citizen. At present we have in effect a one party system (Repubocrats) that is firmly controlled by special business interests. These special business interests determine who has access to the system, who gets elected, and what self serving laws will be passed. Many Americans, recognizing this unfairness, have given up on the system and no longer bother to vote. Most of those who do participate in the elective process, do so only to cast a 'lesser of two evils' vote. Although there is still a limited healthy political discourse in the country, where ideas and issues do get discussed, these ideas are infrequently implemented or in the rare instances that they are, are severely watered down. This discourse is allowed to exist, and indeed is encouraged, as it contributes to the illusion of self determination while at the same time keeping people divided and controllable.
Legislative bodies that have taken power in this lopsided process crank out an endless stream of self serving, highly protectionist laws for their business masters. Honest regulation has also been incrementally eliminated and is now virtually non existent. This is especially troubling in the areas of finance. Civility and respect in government have been replaced with a WWF approach to public communication that serves only to entertain and keep the public's eye off of the ball of the real problem in America today - CORRUPTION!
In many respects it is as if there is no government at all representing the average citizen.
2. The Judiciary - The Judiciary is also under the control of these special business interests and it too has been lost to the average person. Access to the court system is directly related to wealth and the size of one's campaign donations [Texas is a stand out example of this phenomenon]. The overall disparity in the justice system can be summed up in this one sentence; Rich white guys never get the death penalty in America!
Political opposition is punished and defused in the judiciary by absorbing the energy and resources of those ensnared in it with selective and overly harsh judgments and drawn out litigation. Disingenuous 'spite appeals', paid for with your tax dollars, are now commonplace. Yes there are occasional cases won by highly principled freedom loving individuals, but these are few and far between.
3. Law Enforcement - Law enforcement has become no more than protectionist muscle for business interests. The average cop, solely for his pay check, has now been turned into an unwitting collaborator, violating Civil Rights with impunity on a daily basis. Arrests of legitimate political protesters and those who wish to utilize the public forum have become a shameful epidemic in America. Arrests made of those who will not be herded into 'First Amendment' zones, and those who espouse a political philosophy contrary to those in power, are now made by law enforcement with the full knowledge of the criminal and political nature of these acts. Many of these and similar incidents never make the 'crime' reports.
These smiling public servants, posing as bona fide law officers, are NO LONGER your friends and neighbors.
4. Mainstream Media. Gaining control of the political process has been in large part due to the incremental acquisition of mainstream media which is now firmly under the ownership and control of special business interests. It has become in essence a conglomerate info-mercial hawking their wares and simultaneously functioning as a vast propaganda machine putting forth their social objectives and maintaining the illusion of self determination for the individual.
The broadcast spectrum, once a rich, highly informative and entertaining public resource, has become an info-mercial propaganda wasteland where the concerns and dreams of the average citizen are excluded.

ACCEPTING THE ILLUSION - KEY TO CHANGE: If one can let go of their illusions, and accept the above stated realities, then it is obvious that expending energy and resources in these traditional arenas to effect change is a waste of time. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: You must accept that it is a non responsive, locked up system. Accepting the futility of expending precious resources in these traditional venues is key to effecting meaningful and beneficial change. Realize this: Those in control who are benefiting financially love it when you expend your energies in these non productive venues. It does not effect them one bit! Realize also that your tax dollars pay for this grand illusion serving only to further burden you.


ECONOMIC IN - ECONOMIC OUT: There is an old saying, 'Fight fire with fire.' Those who have gained control of our government and mainstream media have done so through economic means. They have purchased their control. It will only be through economic means that control will be restored to the average citizen. Through value based spending, 'Pocket Power™', we will 'buy back' our government. This 'repurchase' program will require a united effort and must be spearheaded by an organization with national stature and the ability to understand what is at stake here. That organization already exists in the form of the ACLU.

Some highlights:

A. 'Pocket Power™' is a 'free market' reward/withhold system. Like 'Consumer Reports', the ACLU should work to create and disseminate a data base of information that rates how individual companies, industries, social organizations, religions, municipalities, etc., honor the Civil Rights of American citizens.
Those with high scores will be celebrated publicly and the American public will be encouraged to purchase their goods and services.
Those with low scores, who dishonor Civil Rights, will be publicly exposed and the public will be encouraged to BOYCOTT their goods and services.
B. Results will be printed in 'Pocket Power™' magazine, hardcopy and on-line distribution. No advertising will be accepted. This effort will survive or perish on the contributions of those who cherish personal liberties and freedom.
C. 'Pocket Power™' magazine will be used as a fund raising device to broaden membership in the ACLU. It will also be used to disseminate information about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties, and its premise, 'value based spending', etc.
D. It is expected that those entities that receive a high Civil Rights rating (CRR) in 'Pocket Power™' magazine will purchase copies for distribution to celebrate their honorable standing on Civil Liberties with their various constituencies. Copies will be sold on newsstands and at fund raising drives. ACLU members will receive copies as a condition of their membership fees adding value to their memberships.
E. Those entities that have extremely low ratings will go to the top of the list and be the subject of a highly focused array of public relations devices designed to show them the error of their evil ways, e.g., BOYCOTTS, petitions, public forum protests, letter writing campaigns, etc.
F. A system of segmenting entities and collecting information for Civil Rights ratings - open to all Americans - will be set up and will utilize the internet and the public forum as favored channels for gathering information. The ACLU already has in place a complaint gathering system and it would be easily modified to sort and catalog data to the decided upon entities. Each state will have an elected, paid/volunteer staff to add to the data base of information. Yes it is a very political system, but remember, the one we have is non responsive and does not meet our needs!
G. 'Pocket Power™' is a 24/7 system! The beauty of this system is in the 24/7 opportunity for all citizens to participate, or "vote", with their money whenever they spend. It will no longer be necessary to wait two more years for the next election, or for a barely moving judicial system, to get results. Those self serving businesses and entities that prosper and benefit from protectionist laws, created for them through their purchase of government, will fail. This is truly a system where each citizen can take action each and every day to restore lost freedoms and further the cause of equal Civil Liberties for all. It is truly an achievable form of empowerment for the individual and will restore true self determination for the individual.
H. 'Pocket Power™' is not a wealth redistribution scheme, rather it is a Freedom redistribution scheme that will be achieved mostly through education. Its goal is equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all Americans. Articles in 'Pocket Power™' magazine will educate the public to the false rationales underpinning protectionist laws and expose the true cause and effect relationships of these laws. Most all societal ills today can be traced back to these opportunity denying and spirit repressing protectionist laws. Said another way; people will learn how they have been criminally denied their God given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights to better themselves through their own creativity and hard work.
I. It is important to make 'Pocket Power™' the dominant means for change. High profile ACLU litigation for politically ground breaking cases such as that which challenges The Patriot Act, and or, exposes the gross non responsiveness of the judicial system should be maintained. Remaining resources should be redirected to 'Pocket Power™'.
Continuing petition for change in the present traditional methods and channels only gives your good name and credibility to a corrupt system.
This is a first draft of this proposal. This system will work. It requires your participation, and that of the ACLU or a similar consortium of like minded groups. Please forward openly and lobby for its acceptance by the ACLU or others.