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Read the Confiscated and BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog'! Read about the criminals in your government - your politicians, your judges and your cops - hypocritically posing as your smiling friends and neighbors while at the same time they are in reality screwing you and your loved ones and stealing your lunch! Read why they hate the Bill of Rights! Read why they are compelled to control your media! Read how and why you should register to vote and run for office! Why you should get involved in 'Operation Take Back America'

The selected issues of the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper displayed below document just a very few of the many trials and tribulations of the residents of the city of Saint Augustine, Florida, and countless thousands of patriotic non city resident Americans, as they have struggled with criminals in their government to retain their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. The issues span almost four years in time and the insights and stories presented in them are only the tip of a very large ice berg of present day and past oppression.

A key element that facilitates this kind of corruption and political oppression is the ability of those who perpetrate it to control the media. To keep people in the dark about what is going on. Control of the media and the resultant negative societal effects is one of the many repetitive themes in my writing. It is why I believe this struggle to maintain an open public forum is so important. It is also why I believe it is so important to repeal the criminally enacted laws that presently ban art, music and newspapers in Saint Augustine today, and punish those responsible for this racketeering scam.

If there is one thing that terrifies the insecure and greedy tyrants among us; it is freedom and the ability of those they suppress to communicate openly and directly.

For the most part many of these issues speak for themselves. I have added some introductory commentary to a few issues as a preface to provide context and further reveal the corruption and hypocrisy.

Many issues were tabloid size. Some were a combination of size formats; some single sheet broadsides, some with as many as 32 pages, etc.

Forgive me my cornball parody and satire of local historical and tourist attractions. I am sure it may be confusing to the outsider. There are also a small number of mistakes, computer glitches, etc. that I have left as in the original printed editions, e.g., the mislabeling of the first amendment in the first issue as Article I, repeat line printing, spelling errors, etc., and a few slight graphic anomalies due to file translation.

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