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 I was of course upset when Walter Benedict was arrested. It shows in my writing in this one page broadside I put out. Feeling an obligation to him, because he was displaying and distributing my newspaper [for free], and the principles of the Bill of Rights involved in all of this, I guaranteed his bond of $500. $50 cash at the time. Walter [who was subsequently run out of the city] did not return for his trial. I had to forfeit the $500 bond. On 3/19/02, of this year, I had to write a check to A&C Bail Bonds [Run by Vince Catalli-good guy-very accommodating.] for that amount ($500). A warrant has been issued for Walter's arrest and his bond is now set for $2000 if he returns [is returned] to Florida. Is anybody out there as pissed off about all of this as I am? Can anyone else see the irony of an American Abenaki Indian, standing so firmly for his right to dress any freaking way he wants, while engaged in a legitimate political protest, and giving away a BANNED newspaper for free, AND THEN GETTING ARRESTED FOR; "Regulation of street performers", on one of the nation's oldest public forums? HELLO!!!!

Walter if you are anywhere out there reading this I hope all is well - don't worry about the money, its on me - best to you and thanks for your efforts!

Walter Benedict is a real American hero! Register to vote! Spread the word! Get rid of these loser judges! Read 'Operation Take Back America'.

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