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Power concedes nothing without demand! Those who have neglected the duties of good citizenship, for what ever reason, bear full responsibility, for the incremental loss of our freedoms and the theft of the fruits of our labors that is going on in America today.

Those simple duties of good citizenship ignored in the past have now become the struggle of today.

This struggle ignored today, can and will, become the more tyrannical enslavement of your future!

By not fulfilling your patriotic obligation to the politics of America in the past you have allowed those criminals who have hijacked our government for there own selfish ends to attain great power. Left unchecked, this power will only become more tyrannical. That criminal power must be eliminated. Those who malinger and hope and dream of change without involvement are fools.

It never did and it never will . . . . Consider these words of Frederick Douglas, a former slave, spoken in 1857:

Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reforms. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of struggle . . . . . If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will . . . .

And this from the poet Shelly . . .

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many; they are few!


Republican Humiliation & Perversions ...

Neocons Morph Into Pantycons

Republicans have long been known as the party of "conservatism", a buzz word that simply means; "I've got mine and I will do everything in my power to prevent you from getting yours!" Republican leaders, wrapping themselves in the flag, patriotism, and born again baby Jesus Christian goodness, rule through corruption and by instilling fear and insecurity in those that they govern. Along the way they have sucked a lot of well meaning folks into the fold - people who never really took the time to examine carefully the ever increasing deceptive and corrupt methods of their Republican (and religious), leaders.

In recent times these Republican Conservative folks have been slow to wake up to the fact that their parties core ideology of good old fashioned greed and elitism has been sneakily shifted into overdrive by a small group of people within their own party. This splinter group of Republicans has come to be known as the Neocons. The Neocons want it all! They represent greed, insecurity, and elitism, on steroids. They want empire! They want to rule the world! By comparison the Neocon Republicans have made regular old fashioned greedy Republicans look like Mr. Rogers.

The Neocons grand plan was first laid out in a white paper in 1992 entitled; "Defense Planning Guide". The views expressed in this Defense Planning Guide, which called for US global domination, were later championed and implemented by a group called the PNAC, the "Project for a New American Century". Members of the PNAC group include; Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, William Bennett, Dan Quayle, Jeb Bush, James Bolton, and Zalmay M. Khalilzad. Ironically, these Neocons have gained control of the Republican party using good old fashioned inner circle Republican methods; secrecy, corruption, deception, and instilling fear and insecurity in those that they control.

A few good Conservative Republicans, mostly those "sucked in, well meaning" types, mentioned above, coined the name Neocon to differentiate between the old fashioned greedy elitist Republicans, and this new breed of empire seeking Republicans. They were feeling a little uncomfortable and embarrassed with all of this talk of empire, the intensity of the baby Jesus scam, and the beating of the drums for war in Iraq, which they well knew were being pounded under false pretenses.

History repeats itself ... Well my friends, history repeats itself. It is time again for the good old fashioned greedy Republicans to further distance themselves from the Neocons. But this time around, in order to shorten the time interval that it takes for them to recognize the further differences in ideology of the Neocon group from their own, and then coin a new name for them, I would like to illuminate these differences for my Republican friends and suggest a new name for the Neocons right now. I believe that the Neocons have now morphed into a distinctly new entity whose newly revealed ideology demands that they they should be called - the "Pantycons".

Out of the darkness and into the light ...

Thank you Seymour Hersh ... Seymour Hersh, writing in the New Yorker, has revealed another major difference in the ideology and methodology of the Neocons as opposed to that of the good old fashioned, regular greedy Republicans. This secret (until now, thank you Seymour Hersh ), methodology includes willful sexual humiliation and torture perpetrated against incarcerated members of those groups the Neocons wish to subjugate (read Arabs here). It is this depraved method of institutionalized sexual humiliation and torture that has given birth to the new name - the Pantycons. Putting women's panties on Arab males heads in order to humiliate them -- first spun as just American soldiers "blowing off steam" and "frat hazing" according to Pantycon media slut Rush Limbaugh -- is an intentionally sanctioned method of the Pantycons.
Here, from Mr. Hersh's article;

"The notion that Arabs are particularly vulnerable to sexual humiliation became a talking point among pro-war Washington conservatives in the months before the March, 2003, invasion of Iraq. One book that was frequently cited was "The Arab Mind," a study of Arab culture and psychology, first published in 1973, by Raphael Patai, a cultural anthropologist who taught at, among other universities, Columbia and Princeton, and who died in 1996. The book includes a twenty-five-page chapter on Arabs and sex, depicting sex as a taboo vested with shame and repression. "The segregation of the sexes, the veiling of the women . . . and all the other minute rules that govern and restrict contact between men and women, have the effect of making sex a prime mental preoccupation in the Arab world," Patai wrote. Homosexual activity, "or any indication of homosexual leanings, as with all other expressions of sexuality, is never given any publicity. These are private affairs and remain in private." The Patai book, an academic told me, was "the bible of the neocons on Arab behavior." In their discussions, he said, two themes emerged-"one, that Arabs only understand force and, two, that the biggest weakness of Arabs is shame and humiliation."

The government consultant said that there may have been a serious goal, in the beginning, behind the sexual humiliation and the posed photographs. It was thought that some prisoners would do anything-including spying on their associates-to avoid dissemination of the shameful photos to family and friends. The government consultant said, "I was told that the purpose of the photographs was to create an army of informants, people you could insert back in the population." The idea was that they would be motivated by fear of exposure, and gather information about pending insurgency action, the consultant said. If so, it wasn't effective; the insurgency continued to grow."

So there you have it ... The Neocons will know be known as the Pantycons. The Republican party, if it
wants to prevent more ill will by association, and avoid becoming known as the party of depravity, sexual humiliation, and perverts, should adopt this Pantycon name immediately, and use it to spin these folks right out of their party.

(continued below photos)

And now a few words to all of my esteemed leaders in America in both parties, to you I say;

Lets get America back to the plain old vanilla greed and corruption that honors other crooks in other countries without all of this humiliation and torture. Let us end all of this unilateral crap, false coalitions, disingenuous talk of moral high ground and transparent provocation. All of you crooks - here in America and throughout the world - need to kiss and make up and increase the supply of crumbs for the masses. Believe me, the world you are creating is not one you will want to live in. And shame on all of you bastards for all of the good people you have sent to their deaths with your complicity and silence! And finally, if you 'esteemed leaders' ever have a lucid moment, free of your own fear, greed and insecurity, I ask you to reflect on the following;

It is far better for humanity to motivate itself by love, sharing, freedom and true competition and opportunity, than it is to motivate itself by fear, greed, elitism, deception, humiliation and torture.

And to all others I say; Scorn the Pantycons, support the troops by impeaching Bush, and end this transparently evil and immoral war of choice meant only to provoke so as to subjugate.

And if you need additional incentive to take action, other than the fact that the Pantycons are depraved and evil, and their actions are patently immoral and disingenuous, consider that the people that they are humiliating and torturing in your name have been made so angry that they are cutting off the heads of your fellow citizens ...

Warren Celli
Publisher of the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog'

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please take action and forward it to others.


Warren Celli is a pro-freedom, anti-corruption, American citizen. He is the publisher of the BANNED, 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper, and host of the Fountain of Baloney web site (links above). He is a registered Independent and he does vote! And yes, he has served in the US Military, four years in Naval Aviation, where, in the late fifties, he tracked Russian submarines all over the South China Seas.


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