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Power concedes nothing without demand! Those who have neglected the duties of good citizenship, for what ever reason, bear full responsibility, for the incremental loss of our freedoms and the theft of the fruits of our labors that is going on in America today.

Those simple duties of good citizenship ignored in the past have now become the struggle of today.

This struggle ignored today, can and will, become the more tyrannical enslavement of your future!

By not fulfilling your patriotic obligation to the politics of America in the past you have allowed those criminals who have hijacked our government for there own selfish ends to attain great power. Left unchecked, this power will only become more tyrannical. That criminal power must be eliminated. Those who malinger and hope and dream of change without involvement are fools.

It never did and it never will . . . . Consider these words of Frederick Douglas, a former slave, spoken in 1857:

Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reforms. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of struggle . . . . . If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will . . . .

And this from the poet Shelly . . .

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many; they are few!

Pearl Harbor Day, 12/7/03

A new controversial music video . . .

'Jesus on the Jets from America'

George 'Judas' Bush - is he a corporate terrorist gangster?

Is George W. Bush merely wearing Jesus on his sleeve? Is he a Judas to humanity? More importantly -- is the immoral history of law enforcement repeating itself? The Roman Legionnaires that crucified Jesus Christ were "just following orders". Is this the same morality that American law enforcement -- both domestic police and US military -- is now embracing?

Abstract: George W. Bush, piously wearing Jesus on his sleeve, is a Judas to humanity. Like Judas Iscariot of Biblical history he is selling out humanity to his immoral corporate masters for a mere pittance, and, in the process, has got us all involved in an illegal, immoral, pre-emptive war. American law enforcement -- both domestic police and the US military -- face the same moral dilemma at home and abroad that Roman Legionnaires faced when ordered to crucify Jesus, i.e., follow illegal immoral orders or not? American police officers, and US military personnel, exist in a pivotal moment in history and have the power to; right these terrible wrongs of Bush and his self serving corporate masters, change the course of history, make the world a safer more peaceful place, and save American freedom! This article, and the accompanying music video, 'Jesus on the Jets from America' (link below), address these issues.

George W. Bush - beyond redemption . . . Put me down as one who believes that George W. Bush is wearing his religion on his sleeve. From the very beginning, George W. Bush has never appeared comfortable to me when discussing Jesus Christ, his so piously and so publicly professed mentor. I can remember the Presidential debate when he was asked which philosophers in history he admired (strange question I thought at the time, in retrospect I would not be surprised if Karl Rove had a finger in that pie). He replied with his face slowly coloring, and in what I thought, a very self aware and awkward fashion, "Jesus Christ". His voice, fidgety manner, and body language -- beyond just the normal nervousness of the debate -- revealed a man that I thought was not being true to himself and genuine. I can remember feeling uncomfortable for him, and thinking, "How can one sink this low, to use the faith of good and religious people for political gain? How could one so callously betray so many others?"

But that is not the purpose of this article, enough has been written about George W. Bush's politically motivated disingenuous pandering to the religious fundamentalist right wing in America and how he is using people's love of Jesus to carry out his self serving schemes. The internet is replete with such articles from well respected citizens from all walks of life.

It is also not my goal to try and persuade George W. Bush and his cronies to change their evil ways. I believe that George W. Bush, and those he surrounds himself with, are not only greedy, disingenuous, self serving gangsters, but they are also well beyond redemption.

The purpose of this article, and the music video, 'Jesus on the Jets from America', is fourfold;

One; To bring to the attention of all Americans the issue of separation of church and state and the blatant fashion in which George W. Bush disrespects that sacred divide.

Two; To make all Americans aware of the personal moral responsibility that each one of us is obligated to when our religious and government leaders deceive us and order the illegal and immoral killing and oppressing of others in our names!

Three; To bring attention to the moral issues that law enforcement personnel and their families -- both domestic police and the US military -- are confronted with when they are ordered to engage in the illegal and immoral killing and oppression of others. To impress upon law enforcement and their families that they not only have the power, but they also have the personal moral obligation to stop this historical pattern of illegal and immoral, "just following orders", behavior. They are, in this very moment of history, in a unique and pivotal position where their individual moral actions can make a noble and positive contribution to the future of humankind.

Four; To create awareness that most Americans have been purposefully misinformed and lied to about issues critical to their welfare by a special interest, business owned, mainstream media, and that they will have to rely on the internet to learn what is really going on in the world.

This article and the music video, 'Jesus on the Jets from America', are meant to get all of us in America to begin thinking of the part we each play -- and the individual moral responsibility that we each have -- when our religious and government leaders deceive us and act illegally and immorally in our names.

The inherent good in the American public . . . The purpose here then is to stimulate all Americans, but especially those in domestic police forces and the US military and their loved ones, to examine their consciences and consider the pivotal role that they all now play in the history of humankind. To consider the possibility that just as the Roman Legionnaires in the past were persuaded to commit immoral and unjust acts against Jesus Christ, they too, in this present day, are now being persuaded to commit similarly immoral and unjust acts against humanity in the name of Jesus and America at the behest of their morally bankrupt, disingenuous leaders. I make this request for this consideration of conscience not on religious grounds (it is a well established fact that Jesus was a pacifist, and I am sure he would scorn the likes of fear mongering George W. Bush and his big business cronies, just as he scorned and threw the money changers from the temple), but rather on humanitarian grounds.

I make this request also because I believe that most all Americans are unaware of how poorly and deviously they are being used, and if they had a greater understanding of the overall situation they are involved in, and knew what is truly going on, they would react to the inherent good in themselves and reconsider the individual responsibility that they each have in the illegal and immoral killing, maiming, and oppression of others. It is a matter of them realizing that they are being purposefully deceived and manipulated with false rationales by fear mongering impostors who are only using them for their own personal gain and to fulfill their elitist fantasies of imperialism.

Much of this ignorance is purposefully created in America as a direct result of the big business ownership of mainstream media and the false information and venomous bile that their knee pad wearing, un-American, suck-up; journalists, talk radio hosts, TV talking heads, etc., spew forth daily.

Much of this ignorance is also ORDERED by George W. Bush, Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. His most recent order to prevent press coverage of returning dead military personnel so as to not affect morale is deception taken to the extreme. It not only dishonors those who die in combat, but it is also information control -- pure propaganda -- at the lowest level! How can we as American citizens be expected to make informed, rationale, and fair decisions about our involvement in the Middle East when complete, open, and honest coverage, of the most important effects of that undertaking -- the deaths of American servicemen and servicewomen -- are kept from us? We can not. We have also been shielded from the effects of our aggression, relatively little of the death and destruction that we are responsible for has been shown to the American public.

An amazing realization, YOU have the power . . . If all Americans, especially police officers, military personnel, and their loved ones, thought it through very carefully, they would soon realize that their greedy immoral bosses would have no power at all if each individual had the personal courage to refuse to do that bosses immoral and illegal bidding. Said another way, greedy immoral leaders will not survive unless they have an uninformed, purposefully deceived group of implementors, willing to do their dirty work and empower them.

In summary: It is my belief that our government and religions have been hijacked by corporate terrorist gangsters who use fear mongering and information manipulation to control us. Turning the present situation around will require that each and every individual citizen, both in and out of law enforcement, become informed and act with great individual conscience. We must overcome our own ignorance and see the world as it truly is. We then must also overcome our fears and accept responsibility for our own individual actions. We can no longer carry out the illegal and immoral requests of those few elitists who deceive us, nor can we in good conscience allow them to act in our name without speaking out in protest.

America is the great nation that it is because individual Americans in the past have overcome their fears and stood up to tyranny and oppression. We must honor those past brave actions of those who have gone before us with our own courageous actions in this present day. Our freedom and future opportunity depends on it.

You guys that are police officers and members of the military have an extra burden I know. I also know that many of you will disagree with me. I beg you to take the time to get yourselves informed. Make your own decisions. Do yourselves proud. Don't repeat the immoral and illegal acts that the Roman Legionnaires committed against Jesus Christ. Don't be one of those who is "just following orders". Use your intellect and decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

View the music video, 'Jesus on the Jets from America', and let your individual conscience be your guide. Turn up the volume and listen to your heart. Love one another.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

May all the Gods bless America.



Warren Celli is a pro-freedom, anti-corruption, American citizen. He is the publisher of the BANNED, 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper, and host of the Fountain of Baloney web site (links above). He is a registered Independent and he does vote! And yes, he has served in the US Military, four years in Naval Aviation, where, in the late fifties, he tracked Russian submarines all over the South China Seas.