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Power concedes nothing without demand! Those who have neglected the duties of good citizenship, for what ever reason, bear full responsibility, for the incremental loss of our freedoms and the theft of the fruits of our labors that is going on in America today.

Those simple duties of good citizenship ignored in the past have now become the struggle of today.

This struggle ignored today, can and will, become the more tyrannical enslavement of your future!

By not fulfilling your patriotic obligation to the politics of America in the past you have allowed those criminals who have hijacked our government for there own selfish ends to attain great power. Left unchecked, this power will only become more tyrannical. That criminal power must be eliminated. Those who malinger and hope and dream of change without involvement are fools.

It never did and it never will . . . . Consider these words of Frederick Douglas, a former slave, spoken in 1857:

Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reforms. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of struggle . . . . . If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will . . . .

And this from the poet Shelly . . .

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many; they are few!

Error Jones - big disappointment
The bad news and the good news . . .
The bad news; As many of you know I put a lot of energy into last years local election in which the 'Good Old Boys' were given the boot. A major part of that effort was to make ALL of the new City Commission candidates aware of the gross Civil Rights violations surrounding the banning of art, music, and newspapers in the city. Part of that effort was to petition the city to create a citizens review board to investigate the many allegations of criminal activity by city government surrounding this matter. I publicly distributed this 'letter of petition' on the Baloneyspeak Forum last fall.
For the record; people in this community should also know that during and shortly after that election, in addition to e-mailing the open 'letter of petition' to all parties concerned -- George Gardner your new Mayor, and newly elected commissioners, Don Crichlow, and Erroll Jones and local media and many others -- I also personally called Erroll Jones (pictured at right), at his home, and had two telephone conversations with him. In those conversations he assured me he would bring up these matters of gross Civil Rights violations by Bill Harriss and the City Police at a regularly scheduled, open to the public, City Commission meeting.
As many of you know that never happened. Erroll Jones weaseled out. Not only that, he now recently -- very angrily and in a loud and yelling voice I might add -- claims that he never made such a promise. I ask you; what is it about being two faced and confronted with a lie that so effects the memories of politicians and causes such righteous indignation in them?
Is it any wonder that people do not participate in their government? Thanks for nothing Erroll, your just as big a loser as the rest of them, and you are now aiding and abetting their un-American, terrorist gangster activities. Yes Erroll, that's what they are -- un-American, terrorist gangster activities -- and you are now one of them Erroll! You continue the sad, and real history, here in Saint Augustine, of empowering the haves to oppress the have nots, by being just another toady suck up, pliable shlump. Welcome to my shun list, shame on you Erroll Jones.
The good news; The good news in all of this is that it is now crystal clear to even the most brain dead among us in this community that this current crop of gangster Commissioners is no different than the the last. Posing as your smiling friends and neighbors, they have continued the self serving historical tradition of screwing you and your families out of your hard earned labors, God given freedoms, opportunity, and public land to line the pockets of their business masters.
They have made it very clear that; your freedoms and opportunity will not be restored; your tax dollars will continue to be spent on their Tourist Factory business welfare to attract their customers (not "visitors"), their cops will continue to harass and intimidate you if you dissent, and that you will not get back your Community Center (turned into a Tourist Factory marketing department), or your children's playgrounds, and in fact, will only lose more and more of your community, freedoms, opportunity and quality of life to these self serving Tourist Factory business shills.
The good news is that now that the self serving, non responsiveness, of these Tourist Factory business puppets is so obvious, we can all stop wasting our valuable time with them. Free of this disingenuous, energy dissipating burden, we can all now turn our attention to our real political power -- our money.
Stopping the greedy is easy -- just don't buy from them -- your real political power is right in your wallet, read on . . .
'Lights of Boycott' Music Video
For the have nots, a music video . . .
More power than a rocket, its the power in your pocket!
For the haves . . .
Another lecture from the Saint Aug Dog.
For everyone - Happy Holidays from the 'Saint Aug Dog' and the Fountain of Baloney™.
For the have nots . . . As a free thinking individual you do have more power than you will ever imagine. It is the money in your pocket. I call it Pocket Power, and you can vote with it every day (even you timid people that "hate" politics, because no one will ever know that you are participating). Value based spending is the key to restoring your rights and freedoms. Think before you buy. Honor with your hard earned money only those people who honor you and treat you fairly. Do not buy from those who unfairly rob you of your freedoms.
This 'Lights of Boycott' song is about using that Pocket Power effectively, sing along, the words are on the bottom of the screen, and it is an easy and fun song to learn and sing along with. Sorry for the a capella, I am still working on the musical notation for instruments and wanted to get this out for the holiday season, but I do have a great singing voice (chuckle, chuckle). Really sing it out extra loud when you get to the part about the crooked judges, cops, and politicians. Have fun!
For the haves (listen up Governor), . . . To all of you greedy merchants and elitists that think you deserve more than the rest of us, and believe that you are entitled to; steal the community center and use it as your own marketing department; steal the children's playgrounds for your customer's parking; ban street artists, musicians and newspapers; have your crooked cops illegally and immorally run rough shod over those that oppose you and run them out of town; and otherwise feel that you can do as you please and have no consequences, this might be a great time to stop and reflect on the cause and effects of terrorism, just who the real terrorists are, and what is going on in the world today.
It does not take a PhD to see that, in terms of cause and effect, the world situation parallels precisely what is going on here in Saint Augustine. The dynamic is a very simple one; when you steal from and oppress people they get angry and react, and those with lesser coping skills -- of which your greed has created many -- generally react in a violent fashion that is not beneficial to the society as a whole.

Drive by shootings, home invasions, robberies, rapes, drug problems, etc. . . A good worker takes care of his tools if he wants to work another day. A good business persons tools are the human and environmental resources that go into his products and services. When you greedily abuse those resources for a short term gain you will always pay a heavy price in the longer term. The bill will come due in time and it must be paid. The ever increasing drive by shootings, home invasions, robberies, rapes, drug problems, etc., that take place daily in near by by Jacksonville should be a lesson to all of you. Crimes are also on the increase here in Saint Augustine. These crimes in great part are a product of your insecurity and greed -- the unfairness of your illegal and immoral advantages -- that denies freedom and opportunity to others. They reflect proportionately the oppression which you are all responsible for.

Your insecurity and greed causes crime . . . People are not born criminals, they become so when their freedom and opportunity is denied by selectively enforced, illegally enacted, immorally protectionist laws such as those in Saint Augustine that unfairly give you all of the disproportionate advantages and great wealth that you now have.

Your choice is a simple one; be more inclusive and sharing, which will make for a more interesting, diverse, and peaceful society; or, continue with your insecurity and greed, and pay an ever increasing price in the societal decay that will ultimately destroy us all. A good start for those of you who can see the logic and good sense in this would be to work to repeal these un-American, freedom and opportunity denying laws, that ban art, music, and newspapers right here in your own community. You alone have the power to end the boycott of your own greed.


Happy Holidays from the 'Saint Aug Dog' and the Fountain of Baloney™.

To those of you who have been supportive in this effort for maintaining our freedoms, equal opportunity, and equal justice -- and there are many, not only here in Saint Augustine, but all over America, and the world [a special thanks to Unknown News for all of the outside exposure] -- my hat is off to you. Keep up the great work, good will prevail, and have a great holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the 'Saint Aug Dog' and the Fountain of Baloney™.

Warren Celli

Publisher, of the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog'

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