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  This issue is 26 pages long. It is pretty much self explanatory. On page 12, take note of the mention of SAPD Chief of Police David Shoar's "Memorandum for Record". This eight page "memorandum" [a report was promised] is a case study in smoke and mirrors. An example would be Chief of Police, David Shoar's selectively libelous observation about one of the items confiscated by his officers from private property on Saint George Street and impounded at the city police station, i.e., the police report listed 33 items confiscated and impounded, many personal, and many political displays and newspapers with the Bill of Rights, images of the American flag, and dialogue that was pro Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States of America. These items were labeled untrue propaganda on the police report

Of all of these thirty three items listed on the SAPD report Chief of Police David Shoar only mentioned one. Walter Benedict had a bottle of wine stored with his personal things. Chief of Police David Shoar chose to mention only the wine bottle.

Chief of Police David Shoar is also an award winning officer in the National Guard. Enjoy the issue . . .

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