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Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Boycott Tyranny!Boycott Tyranny!

Fountain of Baloney™ - Page 3

Operation Take Back America

A Strategy For Freedom

1. It Begins With Understanding . . .

Understanding! Before one can correct a problem one must clearly understand the problem, its cause, and its effects.

As I have mentioned in the preceding page, we are all blessed with a trusting nature. As moral human beings we extend - through empathy - that trust to others. When that trust is violated, we become troubled and we go through a period of reflective self examination. It takes time for us to readjust the reality of our kind and trusting nature with the misery of the reality caused by the deception of those who violate our trust and lie to us. That time frame of adjustment, of rectifying the lies with the reality, is different for each of us. In all cases however there is a period of self doubt and reflection as we ponder the causes of our being violated. The little voices in our heads engage in self talk as we try to unravel and understand what is truly going on.

As I have also previously mentioned that self doubt and frustration is the cause of many societal ills. Many people, confused by the lies and deception, and with out the proper coping skills, compensate for the confusion and anxiety caused by these lies with a variety of negative behaviors, either towards themselves, or towards others. The aggregate result of this misplaced anger and behavior is a staggering drain on all of society.

Misplaced anger - focus your understanding! It is important to understand why and how this anger and the resultant negative behaviors are misplaced so that you may properly refocus and redirect them! Not only your own anger and behavior, but that of your fellow citizens. Understanding why this anger is misplaced (and gets focused negatively towards self and others, instead of towards those who are truly responsible for creating it), is also key to eliminating it.

Why is this societal anger misplaced?

The simple and straight forward answer is that those who are responsible for the fraud and corruption that has created this societal anger have concealed themselves so well. Because those who have perpetrated these criminal acts have so guilefully wrapped themselves in the ideals and principles of freedom and private enterprise (by posing as friends and neighbors and trusting officials in government), those who have been deceived are not fully aware of their machinations! Aiding and abetting their criminal behavior is the corrupt influence they have over the main stream media.

Many of those who have been swindled out of their rightful Constitutional freedoms, and the fruits of their honest and hard earned labors, do not know who is really to blame for their trials and tribulations.

Making them understand who is truly responsible for their frustration and financial losses, and redirecting their justified anger towards these criminal individuals, is key to effecting positive change.

One of the more enjoyable positive effects is the exhilarating catharsis one feels when they stop wrongly beating up on and blaming themselves and instead positively direct their energies to beating up on those who are truly responsible for their miseries.

People must be made aware of the great emotional joy in this process!

The pigs have over indulged! Increased corruption equals increased anger! Because these societal problems, caused by this corruption and oppression in the system, are on the increase, it will bring more attention, and ultimately the justifiable wrath of the public to correct it.

A society, especially one that extols the virtues of free enterprise and personal liberty, will not long tolerate so much corruption and oppression. The ruses, no matter how clever, when carried to excess will fall of their own weight. You must understand that is what is going on in America today! The pigs among us have over indulged!

Not only here in Saint Augustine, Florida, with the gross violations of law revealed on this web site, but all over America; with the loss of billions of dollars in pension funds due to corruption and lack of oversight of crooked business interests. The scams have been carried to excess! Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Andersen, Harkin Energy, etc., are transgressions of too great a magnitude to be absorbed without unrest and much societal pain. Millions of Americans who will now have to suffer with less in their retirements are now awakening to these gross violations of their trust.

They will focus their anger on those who have truly caused it!

Mea culpa, a clarification! I would like to clarify some of my own past confusion in my thoughts and writing. In my frustration and attempts to explain the criminal activity going on here in Saint Augustine, I wrongly, a number of times, attributed incorrect ideologies to those who have perpetrated these wrongs; i.e., I labeled them as commies, fascists, right wingers, etc. I was wrong.

The reality is that these people have no ideology. In order to champion an ideology one must have principles.

These bottom of life's barrel losers have none!

They are simply highly unprincipled and very insecure human beings who are no more than common gangsters. They have banded together and hijacked the principles and values of a great nation, and, behaving as the simple, ignorant, character disordered, con-men and con-women that they are, have clothed themselves in those great principles and values to create an illusion - a ruse - to deceive you. They are in reality common criminals feathering their own nests! They are common gangsters! Prison is too good for them!

The 'pillars' of our community! In all of this I have been extremely disappointed in the unwillingness of the "pillars" of our community (gag me with a spoon as the Valley Girls used to say); educational leaders, religious leaders, esteemed members of the media, etc., to get involved and eliminate this criminal activity.

Not a peep!

The inactivity of these no balls, next to the bottom of the barrel losers - based in their greed, fear and insecurity - confirms loudly to me their complicity and tacit approval of this corruption. These timid folks have a special brand of insecurity. They are extensions of the brown nosing 'click' in high school that always had its nose up the principle's ass; only now they do not have the excuse of emotional immaturity. Their sycophancy and pandering is unforgivable. Their cowardly fear keeps them from rocking the boat. Do not expect them to do anything on your behalf!

Who then will end this corruption?

The business community?

The floor in the bottom of the barrel! I am sure that having read this far you are well aware that it is the self serving business interests, from top to bottom, not only in Saint Augustine, Florida, but also all over America, that are in control of our government.

They are not only deeply invested in the criminal status quo - they have created it! [Think Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Arthur Andersen, etc. and the billions of dollars recently vanished from pension funds all over America.] These people are the floor in the bottom of the barrel. Do not look to these greedy folks for positive change. Through their self serving actions they have relinquished their claim to their rightful responsibility of good stewardship of the human and natural resources that go into producing their products and services.

Who then will right these wrongs and get America back on the road to freedom?

2. From Understanding To Acceptance!

Your Responsibility . . .

The road to freedom! In all of my trials and tribulations of the past four years with these crooked low life losers in government I have pondered many times how did we get on this incremental road to tyranny, and more importantly, how do we get back on the road to freedom? Once one understands the causes and effects, how does one go about making the positive changes necessary to restore lost freedoms and opportunities? The next necessary and logical step is acceptance! You must accept that not only have you been deceived, but also that you have played a part in allowing that deception!

That acceptance is crucial to moving forward. Before you begin to take action you must accept the following:

Politics is not a dirty word! This plan to restore your freedom and opportunity requires that you stop thinking of politics as a dirty word and recognize that politics is the process whereby you assert and maintain the rights bestowed upon you by Divine Providence as an individual and a free person. And - that if you shirk that responsibility - or simply write a check in an attempt to transfer that responsibility to another, you will lose those rights and all of those blessings of being a free person. Just as sure as the sun rises in the east, some one will steal your lunch and you will have no one but your own sorry ass to blame for it!

Face the truth! It also requires that you face the truth and recognize that those who smilingly pose as your friends and neighbors - those who control your government now - have in reality been lying to you and illegally using the color of law to oppress you. Many of them really are criminals that do belong in jail. They have openly, purposefully, and arrogantly, ignored the sworn oaths of their positions and participated in a deceitful and outright criminal abuse of your legislative process.

Recognize the self serving greed! You must also see clearly and accept the self serving greed in the business interests of America. It is their chamber of commerce groups, lobbies and advocates that are responsible for the myriad of protectionist laws in America today that deny you opportunity and keep you and those you love enslaved. It is they who have purchased and control your government so as to deceive you and rob you of your honest labors. They have failed miserably in their rightful responsibility for the good stewardship of the physical and human resources that go into the products and services that they provide.

You, must also accept your responsibility of imposing that good stewardship!

Yes, I know, many of you believe your political involvements in the past have been a waste of time. And, yes again, there really has not been a candidate in a long time that is even worth voting for. They are all in reality one party of Repubocrats that only represent self serving business interests. I understand your cynicism. But that was the past. There is a difference today!

Along with accepting the bad news there is also some good news to accept!

The internet, a manifestation of the evolution of the spirit of humanity . . .

You saw it on the internet first!

A renewed political awakening! There really is a renewed political awakening in America today, indeed, in the world. It is a result of the internet. The internet does provide a new forum for freedom and democracy. It is not a flash in the pan medium. It is a manifestation of a very concrete stage in the evolution of the aggregate intelligence of humankind that is here to stay (until another in the future replaces it). It is the exponential increase in the speed of moving information, and the rapidly increasing, interactive access to that information, that makes the internet such a powerful agent for change.

The evolution of this aggregate intelligence of humankind will not stand still for old ideologies and obsolescent technologies (read; toady suck-up, corrupt, main stream infomercial media and control of the broadcast spectrum) that favor the few and are counterproductive to advancing the spirit of humanity. Like a scab that has healed and sluffed off of the skin, these old fashioned ideas and methods are now being replaced by newer and more beneficial ideas and methods. The internet is now center stage.

Accountability! The internet is truly an open media of accountability. It is countering the purposeful cover up of news by mainstream, business owned and controlled, infomercial media and the loss of our public broadcast spectrum and public forum! The genie is out of the bottle! A great number of the stories of hypocrisy and corruption that you read about in the main stream media today are there only as a result of their first being revealed on the internet! Main stream media has been scooped, embarrassed, and forced into action. This has been accomplished by individual Americans like yourself who had the courage and conviction to take a stand. Individuals who are joining together to advance the promise of democratic freedom for all. Join them. Work with them. Get involved in restoring and maintaining your freedom. You can do it!

Accept the advantages of this new media.

Realize that this web site, that features a BANNED newspaper, is made available to you through the internet!

Accept also that this new information, that exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of those who smilingly pose as your friends and neighbors, will allow you to eliminate these charlatans and their corruption!

3. The Final Step - Action!

The Forces of Freedom™!

The Forces of Freedom™! In one of the issues of my BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper I used the metaphor of war to explain what is going on in Saint Augustine. It had a comic book introductory section (starts page six) featuring the FORCES of FREEDOM™ (all the regular common folks in town), pitted against the Fatzis (the self serving business interests in the community). It is classic David against Goliath, the underdog against the overwhelmingly powerful, tyranny and greed against justice and freedom.

Many people liked it. They were especially enamored of their being characterized as members of the FORCES of FREEDOM™ and even requested more. I will be developing it further in the future.

'Operation Take Back America'! For now though, in the spirit of that metaphor (tyranny and greed against freedom and justice) I have used that name, FORCES of FREEDOM™, to put forward a strategy for freedom - a 'battle plan' if you will. The use of the name, FORCES of FREEDOM™, is meant to symbolize recognition of the corruption that now exists in America, and at the same time, function as a common rallying cry to communicate the idea that together, we truly are a force, that can eliminate that corruption and reclaim our lost individual freedoms and liberty. As mentioned above the strategy is a simple common sense plan. In keeping with the metaphor of war (the national psyche is very familiar with it), I call it 'Operation Take Back America'.

Exposing and accepting corruption and the part we have played in it is essential to effect meaningful change. Other steps are needed however. In the end what is required is for people to engage in a more comprehensive strategy of positive, persistent, action.

A 24/7 patriotism of integrity! In order to do that they need more than just knowing about who is stealing their lunch and screwing them. They will also need to know how to go about eliminating these criminals from their lives and also how to go about rebuilding their own lives. That will require a different type of information. It will require a comprehensive plan of action like that found in 'Operation Take Back America'. I call it a "24/7 patriotism of integrity"

Feel free to link back to it and of course offer any feed back on improving it, or any better alternative that might be used to effect the same purpose, i.e., involve folks in getting reinvolved in their government, bettering themselves as individuals, and advancing the concept of individual liberty.

A word about cynicism and bitching . . .

Put on the happy face! There are many excellent alternative news sites and web logs on the internet that are daily exposing corruption. They do a remarkable job, most with very little resources. They are for the most part published by extremely intelligent individuals. Most have also attracted to their sites equally passionate, intelligent and excellent writers. Understandably many of the folks that publish these sites exhibit a high degree of cynicism - they have a right to do so. I can certainly empathize their frustration. It many time seems a lonely struggle, I myself have had my own frustrating and extremely cynical - I want to cry moments - here in Saint Augustine.

But I would like to make a suggestion here, not only for alternative news publishers on the internet, but also for anyone who feels frustrated by all of the corruption that is going on in America today, and feels that same sense of futility. Please take it in the spirit given . . .

Cynicism is infectious, try as best you can to eliminate it and be positive.

I know its a bitch (and I also know all about Pollyanna), but people really are affected by negativity, and if you truly want to effect positive change they will be more receptive to, and motivated by, a positive, persistent, viewpoint. Deflect other cynics with a challenge to, "Stop bitching and start pitching!" Link your cynics to 'Operation take back America'. Do not dissipate your valuable energies with the real basket case cynics.

Together, we can, and will, kick some serious self serving Repubocratic ass!

A few thoughts about the legacy of corruption . . .

Cleaning up after the pigs! The incremental and criminal erosion of our freedoms in America has left us all with a number of societal problems. These problems are what I characterize as 'legacy of greed and corruption' problems.

Eliminating the corruptors in our midst, and their criminally enacted protectionist laws, will only be a beginning to correct them.

Simultaneously these other problems will have to be addressed. A priority then will be to help those who, by being denied opportunity and subjugated by these criminals, have fallen behind. Many Americans have lost heart. They will need help in restoring their incentive to achieve and developing coping skills. Helping them reclaim themselves emotionally and educationally will be an integral part of restoring freedom in America. In time the infectious incentive of restored opportunity - the true freedom and free enterprise that will come about by repealing protectionist laws and implementing open and honest regulation - will motivate them. Until then they will need help in personal development. This focus on individual improvement and achievement is an integral part of 'Operation Take Back America'.

A national disgrace! It is my deepest conviction that the plight of the poor and homeless in America today is not only a direct result of the criminal greed and protectionist laws that I write of, but it is also a national disgrace!

Like a badge of dishonor, for all the world to witness, it screams out the failings of the corrupt and greedy leadership in this country today and the protectionist forces of American business that are responsible for keeping them in power. With true freedom and free enterprise poverty could be eliminated in a heart beat! This poverty of corruption is a highly visible and deeply embarrassing testimonial that makes mockery of the sacred principles espoused in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Memorize this: The real lesson here is that people are better motivated by desire and freedom rather than by fear and protectionist oppression. People that are deeply insecure - Repubocratic gangsters! - have a hard time with this concept!

A Word About Redemption . . .

My optimistic nature compels me to make one more try! This web site is directed towards my fellow aggrieved citizens. Those who have the boot print of the criminals in their government on their backs.

It is not really meant for the unresponsive and criminal government officials, the self interested protectionist business community, or their lap dog minions in the media. They have expended their moral capital with me. I have given up on them and vowed that I will no longer moralize to these criminals among us.

No more honey! It is now all deserving fingers in the eyes.

I am sure however that many of them will read this.

Realizing that there is a remote possibility that some of these fence sitting, look the other way individuals, just may possibly have the embers of a conscience left within them, my optimistic nature compels me to make one more try.

We shall not sleep! In that spirit I offer those of you that might be ambivalent about getting involved in restoring your sacred honor - and at the same time forwarding this cause for freedom - the following thoughts that perhaps might rekindle your interest . . .

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.


We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.


Take up the quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

we shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Redemption is a beautiful thing . . .

And for my fellow Americans of good character, for your motivation I offer you this . . .

Power concedes nothing without demand! Those who have neglected the duties of good citizenship, for what ever reason, bear full responsibility, for the incremental loss of our freedoms and the theft of the fruits of our labors that is going on in America today.

Those simple duties of good citizenship ignored in the past have now become the struggle of today.

This struggle ignored today, can and will, become the more tyrannical enslavement of your future!

By not fulfilling your patriotic obligation to the politics of America in the past you have allowed those criminals who have hijacked our government for there own selfish ends to attain great power. Left unchecked, this power will only become more tyrannical. That criminal power must be eliminated. Those who malinger and hope and dream of change without involvement are fools.

It never did and it never will . . . . Consider these words of Frederick Douglas, a former slave, spoken in 1857:

Let me give you a word of the philosophy of reforms. The whole history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to her august claims have been born of struggle . . . . . If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will . . . .

And finally, this from the poet Shelly . . .

Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth, like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many; they are few!


For those now moved to "agitation" . . .

As I have mentioned over and over again, a key element in the ability of the self serving business community to maintain their control and continue their hypocrisy and corruption is the power they wield over mainstream info-mercial media through a variety of financial relationships. I have also expressed my beliefs that the internet will rapidly offset and eliminate those negative forces in our society.
That is why I have posted this web site. It is also why I will maintain a web log for your input, feel free to express yourself and make comments on what ever you wish. I would appreciate your reading the
'Operation Take Back America', strategy for freedom page, before doing so. The web log is called Baloneyspeak™.

Enjoy the Fountain of Baloney™ web site and may your life be full of the blessings of freedom . . .

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