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 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.

 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."

Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

If You Want Honest Government You Must Demand It!

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A Look At Saint Augustine's Dirty Laundry . . .

"The Law Is The Law!"

One set of laws - two systems of enforcement! All areas of government need reform and honest oversight. If you had to choose where to begin these reforms, based on which areas needed cleaning up the most, you would have to choose the areas of law enforcement and the judiciary!

How these pious pretenders of integrity, and posers as champions of all that is good, that comprise the current system of law enforcement and the judiciary in America today can look themselves in the mirror each day is beyond me!

Some thoughts before reading; The information in this section is supplied to accentuate the duality that exists in our system of justice in America today. Yes, it does pertain specifically to events in Saint Augustine, Florida, however; my reading of the alternative press on the internet, and thousands of conversations in this city that I have had with people from all over America, leads me to believe that the incremental corruption of our system of justice has become so severe that its aggregate negative societal effects are more of a burden than a benefit to the greater majority of citizens.
The inequities are unconscionable!
If you think that you are not affected because you have not been involved personally, think again! The same corrupt processes that affect your rights and well being here in Saint Augustine are also at work nationally eliminating your freedoms and draining your bank account.
The indirect, sum total negative societal effects, caused by the protectionist business forces that created and maintain this corruption in our system of justice are staggering! It all comes out of your hard earned dollars! What you have to worry about most however is the incremental nature of the increase in this corruption! Left unchecked it may soon render the system unrepairable. It is only a matter of time before your ox is gored.
An exercise in good citizenship-you decide! The next few sections on this page contain a list of laws that I feel have been violated by the persons or agencies previously mentioned in the preceding page and in events described in my newspapers. I have designated each law listed [below] with a letter of the alphabet. I have also designated each issue of the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspapers, on the index page, with a numeral.
Stay with me on this. It is a little complex, but it will be fun and very informative! I promise you!
Click around a little bit, and scroll ahead a little bit, to get your bearings before you begin in earnest. Use the back button on your browser to navigate to insure that you will return to this Fountain of Baloney™ page two.
The exercise in good citizenship consists of reading and becoming familiar with the laws below (links are provided, simply click on the type), and matching their individual letter designations to a specific numbered issue of the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper that you believe describes in the issue an event that you feel might constitute a violation of that law.
Read carefully, as you match the events described to the laws broken, many issues describe multiple violations of these laws.
If you are a teacher this would be an excellent high school civics exercise for your students. It would also make an excellent assignment for law colleges.
Make a list of your matchings of numbers to letters. I have my own list and am considering offering a prize for the most correct answer.
Most important in this exercise; ask yourself as you proceed not only why these laws were never enforced, but who ordered the breaking of these laws and for what reason?
In doing this exercise you will also be able to find out who the rest of the people are here in Saint Augustine, and in other government agencies, that I speak so lowly of. I suggest you read the thumbnail index page of the newspaper first, it has some information pertinent to all issues.
Consider my bias! I am obviously angry and upset with what is going on here in Saint Augustine. I am a resident, and, minus the corruption I write about, I love this city. It is my home, I am a taxpayer and an American citizen, and I will not be denied my Constitutional rights and freedoms!
It would be wise therefore to consider that bias as you read the material presented [below] and in my newspapers. There is much interpretive opinion. However - and this I believe to be most important - there are many, many, many, indisputable facts. I ask you to make up your own mind. You decide.
My viewpoints based on my experiences! For the record I am not a lawyer. I am just an average citizen with access to the internet and the legal tracts available. These are my viewpoints based on my reading of the law and the experiences that I have had.

Let's begin, its time to connect the dots! The following information concerns itself with just a few of the laws that I believe have been violated here in Saint Augustine by the persons or agencies mentioned above and in my newspapers. Keep these laws in mind as you read these BANNED newspapers. Also keep in mind that they cover only a small fraction - merely the tip of the ice berg - of oppression and tyranny that goes on here in Saint Augustine on a regular basis.

"I've voted for 'bad law' before and I'll vote for 'bad law' again," Mayor Mark Alexander. A word about the importance of context.

As you read about the many specific incidents of oppression described in these BANNED newspapers; it is important to keep in mind that none of them happened as singular isolated incidents. Each event, although it may clearly be a singular criminal act, is a specific incident in the on-going "Pattern of racketeering activity" that has been going on unchecked in this city for many, many, many, years.

I use that term, "Pattern of racketeering activity" for a reason. It is the legal term used in the Florida Statutes, Title XLVI, Chapter 895.02 Definitions -- As used in ss. 895.01, [which is] the "Florida RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act."

Here is the complete definition from the statute;

(4) "Pattern of racketeering activity" means engaging in at least two incidents of racketeering conduct that have the same or similar intents, results, accomplices, victims, or methods of commission or that otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characters and are not isolated incidents, provided at least one of such incidents occurred after the effective date of this act and that the last of such incidents occurred within five years after a prior incident of racketeering conduct.

Also defined in that Chapter is the legal term "Enterprise", which includes in part; "illicit as well as licit enterprises and governmental, as well as other, entities." That would of course include the 'governmental entity' of the City of Saint Augustine.

Here, in part again, from the statute is the definition of;

(1) "Racketeering activity" means to commit, to attempt to commit, to conspire to commit, or to solicit, coerce, or intimidate another person to commit:
(a) Any crime which is chargeable by indictment or information under the following provisions of the Florida Statutes:

RICO and then some! The statute then goes on to list all of the many specific sections of the Florida Statutes that, if violated as defined in the particular statute and meeting the criterion of the "Pattern of racketeering activity" [above], would then constitute a violation of the RICO statute. In addition the law broadens the list of offenses under which one may be charged, by the addition of;

(b) Any conduct defined as "racketeering activity" under 18 U.S.C. s. 1961(1).

I believe that the following sections of the Florida Statutes, listed in the RICO statute as noted above, have been violated: [The bold capitalized letters, as explained above, are for identification use in the matching exercise. They are not part of the law designation.]

A. Chapter 782, relating to homicide.

B. Chapter 784, relating to assault and battery.

C. Chapter 810.02(2)(c), relating to specified burglary of a dwelling or structure.

D. Chapter 812, relating to theft, robbery, and related crimes.

E. Chapter 825, relating to abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult.

F. Section 836.05, relating to extortion.

G. Chapter 837, relating to perjury.

H. Chapter 838, relating to bribery and misuse of public office.

I. Chapter 843, relating to obstruction of justice.

J. Sections 914.22 and 914.23, relating to tampering with a witness, victim, or informant and retaliation against a witness, victim, or informant.

Further, I believe the following laws, not specified in the RICO statute, have also been violated;

K. United States Code Title 42 Sec. 1983 Civil action for deprivation of rights

L. United States Code Title 42 Sec. 1985 Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights

M. United States Code Title 42 Sec. 1986 Action for neglect to prevent

Please note that in both of the following laws; "if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section" then those who break these laws "may be sentenced to death."

N. United States Code Title 18 Part I CHAPTER 13 Sec. 241 Conspiracy against rights

O. United States Code Title 18 Part I CHAPTER 13 Sec. 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law

There are many, many, many, more laws that have been broken here. As I first mentioned above these are "just a few". If you are a serious student of the law you may want to do further research.

And finally, for all of you deeply religious readers, there is a matter of moral law here that you may also want to consider. [I mean no disrespect with the link to the source of information chosen, it was the only single site I could find that represented a number of major religions.]

Read, reflect, consider - and let your conscience be your guide.

You decide!

Celebrate the heroes . . .

Real heroes - honor their efforts with your own! There are many people from all over America, and from all parts of the world, from all walks of life, who have made contributions, large and small, resisting this criminal tyranny and oppression here in Saint Augustine, Florida. Many of them have joined in and done so quietly and with out any recognition. We all owe them a debt of gratitude; the artists, the musicians, just plain folks that live here in the city, people from all over America and the world, young and old alike, who have given of themselves so freely and participated in opposing this gross and vile corruption.

It is their efforts and love of freedom that have inspired and contributed greatly to sustaining my own. I applaud them for their good citizenship. I also ask anyone reading this to honor their contribution by building on it and getting involved. Not only to end this tyranny here in Saint Augustine, but to also become an advocate for protecting and enlarging the public forum and freedom of expression all over America and demanding equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal justice.

Great guy, great firm, great people! Those that know me well are aware of my negative feelings for many of the individuals who presently staff the American justice system, especially lawyers. Having said that however, I would like to pay tribute to Bill Sheppard and the law firm of Sheppard, White & Thomas, P.A. of Jacksonville, Florida.

A specialist in First Amendment law, and Civil Rights Litigation, Bill is a colorful and remarkable human being that has made a life long contribution to furthering freedom and justice in America. He lives his beliefs and has done much to improve the legal system.

If you are a young lawyer interested in the Bill of Rights and First Amendment law, and have a desire to make a real societal contribution to your country, you could not pick a finer individual to model your career after.

I urge you to do so.

Dedication . . .

In all of my trials and tribulations here in Saint Augustine I do not think I have been more moved emotionally than when I learned of the deaths of John 'Victor' Powers, and his little dog Ewokee, in Key West, Florida. I felt very unsettled for some time. I am still upset about it. Most disturbing, and shamefully, what bothered me most, was what had caused them both to leave Saint Augustine and go to Key West in the first place!

Victor was a homeless person.

He sustained himself and his dog Ewokee by having Ewokee pose for tourists pictures while wearing sun glasses and sitting in the basket of Victor's rickety old hand me down bicycle.

It was their simple way of connecting to society for sustenance, love, and appreciation of their spirits.

Their needs were small. They took very little. They gave back a lot - in smiles of joy and memories of Saint Augustine - to all of those who photographed them.

Victor fled the city with his dog Ewokee when the City of Saint Augustine, using the color of law, threatened to put his dog to sleep if he was arrested again. It is my belief that the city and its officials, as a causative effect of his leaving Saint Augustine in this manner, are responsible for his death. Had it not been for their actions Victor and Ewokee might both be alive and well and here with us in Saint Augustine today.

I believe that it is second degree murder.

This site is dedicated to John 'Victor' Powers and his dog Ewokee.

May their spirits rest in peace . . .

On the next page of this site I have put forward some thoughts on reclaiming our American freedoms. I call it . . .

Operation Take Back America

Strategy For Freedom . . .

A '24/7 Patriotism of Integrity'

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 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand." Warren Celli, Publisher of the BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.

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