Saint Augustine, Florida, home of the world renown Fountain of Youth is also home of the World's Oldest and most famous fountain - The Fountain of Baloney™. Welcome to the Fountain of Baloney™ web site.

 Viewpoints expressed on this site are the experience based beliefs of the publisher. Do not be fooled by the parody. These are tragic and serious matters that affect the Freedom of you and your loved ones now and for generations to come.
 "The true patriot and lover of freedom will not allow injustice to stand."
Warren Celli - Publisher - BANNED 'Saint Aug Dog' newspaper.
Baloney is the strongest political force on the planet.
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Press Release...
Announcing... a new book...

"The Discovery Of The Fountain Of Baloney™ & Saint Augustine"...

The original and truly amazing history of our beloved city of Saint Augustine is now finally revealed...

Written by the editor and publisher of the banned and confiscated many times "Saint Aug Dog" pro FREE SPEECH and pro CIVIL RIGHTS newspaper, this book promises to become a classic in the history of the city.

The book is all about the adventures of Juan Pantsa too Long, the true discoverer of Florida and the Fountain of Baloney™, and his life long friend, Paydough to Menendez to Havealay who originally founded the city of
Saint Augustine. They were both born in the fifteenth century in the tiny coastal city of Piecelona (pronounced Pie-sell-own-nah) in Castile before it became part of present day Spain.

Juan Pantsa too Long, raised in a sea faring family, grew up to be a great and courageous sea captain, while Paydough to Menendez to Havealay, the son of a hog farmer whose wife made beer steins, grew up to be a pimp and an owner of many brothels in Castile. Juan discovered the Fountain of Baloney™ on the northeast coast of present day Florida in 1491 while on a secret mission for Queen Isabella of Castile. Two years later he returned with his life long friend Paydough
to Menendez to Havealay. It was then that Paydough founded the original settlement of "Saint Hogandstein" in 1493. Paydough named the settlement Saint Hogandstein as a tribute to his hog raising father and beer stein making mother whom he believed to be saints.

[Note that the present day gangster government, that has illegally and immorally hijacked the city through usurpation of the 'rule of law', has put its low brow revisionist forces to work concocting a lot of amateurish and marginally believable stories that involve sound alike names to cover up their theft of the city. For example; they claim Saint Hogandstein was named after a saint of the Roman Catholic Church (Augustine) whose feast day was celebrated on August 28, the day they claim land was sighted by a fictional character they made up called "Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles". Notice how their contrived bogus name sounds very much like Paydough to Menendez to Havealay. So too with the name of the true discoverer of Florida, Juan Pantsa too Long; they have fabricated a fictional sound alike character called Juan Ponce de Leon. Their sophomoric arrogance knows no bounds! This is of course, as you will learn in this new book, pure unadulterated baloney!

Mr. Celli said, "It is a well known fact by now that when we were growing up and going to school we were all taught bogus revisionist history meant to cover up the killing and exploitation of native populations and the use of imported slaves during the founding of our country. This book will help set that illusionary (dealing with the devil) record straight by presenting the raw unexpurgated truth."]

Here is a scene from the new book entitled; "The Opening of Havealay Street"...
Click on the illustration for a larger view.

"The Opening of Havealay Street" in Saint Augustine, Florida

The story is not only about the adventures of Juan Pantsa too Long and Paydough to Menendez to Havealay but also about their ever changing moralities as they each encounter and cope with the true diabolical realities of life along the way.

Juan's enlightenment causes him to see the value of fair social cooperation as he becomes a more moral and happier person that believes in equal rights, justice, and opportunity for all (Fairism), while Pimpy (Paydough's nickname), faced with the same realities and choices, becomes an ever more insecure, elite, greedily sadistic sociopath, that ultimately embraces the belief of cannibalistic Darwinism (Xtrevilism). The changing moral beliefs of these two men ultimately takes its toll on their lifelong friendship and causes them to become estranged enemies.

The book is a thought provoking melding of characters and events of the past, present, and future, meant to stimulate thinking about the evolution of human morality and its historical ebbs and flow. If you are offended by it you probably need to go take a good long hard look at yourself in a mirror.

The book is a work in process and Mr. Celli is releasing the first four pages on line for personal enjoyment only (not for sale).

An illustration from the forthcoming portion of the book entitled; "The Opening of Havealay Street", pictured above, is being made available right now as a fine art print for twenty dollars. A signed and numbered limited edition of fifty higher quality giclee prints will also be available at two hundred and fifty dollars
each. You can sign up for future releases or order the print(s) here at the new Fountain of Baloney™ store. All proceeds support the web site.

Here is a link to the new book pages. The story begins on page four. Enjoy!

END of Press Release.

So that there will be no "plausible deniability'...

Full Definition of GENOCIDE

:  the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group

The relentless genocide of the street artists, musicians, homeless, and FREE SPEECH and CIVIL RIGHTS activists continues in the downtown area of Saint Augustine with the city goon squad cops aggressively and selectively enforcing the scam usurped and blatantly unconstitutional 'rule of law' against the homeless. Under the sterling leadership of Loran Lueders, Chief of of the Saint Augustine Police Department, Mall Security Forces (MSF), the homeless are being harassed by selective nuisance ticketing and burdened with going to court. Supercilious kangaroo court judges look down their arrogant and complicit noses and most always say; "Case dismissed."

Some of the homeless are being told by city goon squad cops that they can not sit on the benches on the precious Saint George Street. They must stay in the plaza. Where have we heard that kind of selective, corralling, restrictive use of the public commons placed upon a class of human beings before?

Oh yes, I remember now, in Poland, in 1939, where Hitler determined who the 'undesirables' were and what they could and could not do. A storm begins with darkening skies... can choose to obsequiously continue bowing and kneeling in silence or you can choose to morally stand erect like a human being and speak out for equal rights and equal justice...

...head goon, Loran Lueders, needs to stop leading his men astray of the Constitution for a pay check and
look for a more honest and socially productive job...

...and our local legal beagle Pollyanna activist needs to stop Glad Gaming us with the baloney myth that everything is so warm and wonderful now in Saint Augustine under the leadership of city manager John P. Regan. John P. Regan, protégé of, and conspicuously silent co-conspirator with, past city manager William B. Harris, is the man that directs Lauren Leuders and signs his paycheck. John P. Regan is headed for the same fat piggish retirement package as William B. Harris...

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - Lenin. Ya reckon?

...and then of course we have the gangsters they all work for pictured in the
"The Opening of Havealay Street" illustration above — the gangsters who created the homeless and criminals in the first place — by denying them their Constitutional rights to freedom, opportunity, and equality...

The world is watching.

There will be NO plausible deniability!

Loud, brash, selfish and contrived Gangster Tourism is not only destroying the Constitution, it is also destroying the social fabric of our once great city. If this gangster labor price fixing were ended city and retail workers would be making double their present wages.

And the residents — with the 'final solution' of the street artists, homeless, FREE SPEECH and CIVIL RIGHTS activists coming to a close — see clearly that it is now their ox that is now on the table, as their quality of life more rapidly goes down the toilet and they are required to pick up the outrageously expensive tab for their own demise. It falls on the residents now to defend themselves against the accelerated taking of their homes. All residents must now demand the respect they are entitled to!

Web Site Redesign...
Easier to read and better organized...
A number of people have complained that finding information on the web site was a little difficult as one had to read through articles or make links to other pages to find favorite material. A more visual organization of the web sight was suggested and so I have created the below (in this column) index to past articles and time periods. As the index page becomes too cumbersome to load past pages will be shifted to the web site archives. A link to the archives is provided in the, also new, blue header strip above.

The sidebar column to the right entitled "Essentials" will highlight an admixture of topics and information that are on-going works in progress or that I feel are important. As interest wanes or issues are resolved they too will be moved to the archive pages.

Site Redesign July 2014
Archive of past articles below, most recent first.
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An open letter to the Saint Augustine neighborhood associations, please copy all members and forward as the spirit moves you...

The Gang Rape Of The

Downtown Residents Continues...

[No! Gang rape is not too harsh a term!]

A Milestone Event,
The Escalation Of Arrogance:
Private Property Confiscation!

September 2013

Fountain of Baloney™ Relaunch
A history of bullying, corruption and murder...

In microcosm, the hijacked city of Saint Augustine Florida stands as a case study that reveals everything that is wrong in America today...

By studying the city's real history — the history that you will not get in the local Tourist Factory corporate owned media — you will better understand why our aggregate global human morality embedded in our Rule Of Law has become so deeply soiled...

September 2013

Introduction To The Relaunch...
Coming Soon — By Popular Demand!

The relaunch of the Fountain Of Baloney™ web site...

"I have recently had a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances to put my old "Fountain of Baloney" web site back on line. It will soon be forthcoming along with a detailed rationale for the relaunch. For now I am putting up this preview site. This preview site uses the old web site header above. Note the call to vote in the header graphic. I no longer believe in the viability of the electoral process, and in fact, I proactively boycott it."
December 2012

Original Fountain Of Baloney™ web site...

November 2003

This web site is dedicated to John Victor Powers, Greg Travous, and David Thundershield Queen, all of whom were denied their God given and Constitutionally guaranteed freedom and opportunity by the rogue gangster City of Saint Augustine Government and their low brow, mean spirited, bully police force. Those freedoms and opportunities denied, and the illegal and immoral; harassment, arrests, hardships, trials and tribulations they were forced to suffer under the "color of law", were in great part causative contributions to their all being sent to an early grave!  It is called murder!

David Thundershield Queen & Greg Travous. A picture of John Victor Powers is forthcoming.


or Baloney™

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Juan Pantsa too Long the discoverer of Florida at the world famous fountain

Should we really have a sister city in Democracy Repressive Spain?
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Why the silence?
Why no resolutions? Why no sanctions? Why no boycotts?
Maybe West Augustine should be our sister city.

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New Book: The Discovery Of The Fountain Of Baloney™ And Saint Augustine".

Read the first four pages on line for free!


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